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  • Neutrogena's Case Study

    The Battle for Young Wallets Why Generation “Y” is Destined for Failure. There has been a lot of discussion regarding spending habits that haunt adolescents and young adults. While our parents and theirs before us were plagued by the need to own properties and settle down, the future Generations seem more consumed with the idea of changing the usual status quo. Over university, they are choosing college and alternate forms of education, some even forgoing continued education institutions.…

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  • Salem Public Relations Case

    What is the public relations issue (opportunity or problem) that the case is based upon? The main opportunity available in this case is to extend the tourism of Salem beyond the Halloween month of October to make it a yearly attractive destination to increase sales and revenue. The problem at hand is that Salem is just historically known for the city of witchcraft and they want this perception in people to change. What background(secondary) research was conducted in the case (if any)? What…

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  • Diabetic Self-Care Model

    The first instrument will comprise a questionnaire developed by the main researcher for measuring the demographic characteristics of the study’s participants. The second instrument will be a measure for the nurses’ knowledge on diabetes management and self-care. Specifically, the main researcher will use the revised version of the Diabetes Knowledge Test (DKT2)…

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  • Generational Differences In Staffing Research

    Issues with Generational Differences in Staffing Building a successful business today is the goal of every organization. But this often cannot be accomplished without a dedicated and highly passionate team of employees. These employees have different backgrounds and are from different generations, which often proves difficult for managers to understand and could lead to further issues in staffing. There are four recognized generations that are a part of workforce today. Each are distinct in its…

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  • Millenials: The Rise Of The American Dream

    Millenials, Americans born from 1981 to 1997, are being attack for being lazy and entitled, and abandoning the American dream. Millenials this year will eclipse in size the previous Gen X and baby boomer generations and by 2020 will comprise half of the U.S. workforce (Grisales, 2015). There is a ton of research on the millenial generation of about 75.3 million Americans. Millenials are approaching the workplace differently than any other generation, thus giving us a different outlook on the…

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  • What Is The Influence Of The Millennial Generation

    Global Issue: The Influence of the Millennial Generation in Regards to Reshaping the American Values. Review of Subject Millennials are defined as people born between 1980 and 2000, with a population size of over 80 million and representing approximately 30% of the US population (King, 2016) which presents the largest growing consumer group since the Baby Boomers. Millennial’s are often looked at as the cash-cow of market segments due to this size and younger age (longer consuming future)…

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  • Summary Of When Millennials Rule By Charlotte Alter

    Millennials are the largest living generation and have strong opinions, however, they are the least represented in Washington DC. In the text, “When Millennials Rule,” written by Charlotte Alter, the author addresses the fact that the baby-boomer generation has the most representation in Washington DC, but the millennials are attempting to change the trend. For example, the author pointed out that the millennials are introducing new technology. Furthermore, they are bringing new ideas. Lastly,…

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  • Greatest Generation Cohort

    Cohorts are groups of people working together. The Business Insider speaks in terms of Gen X and Gen Y, baby boomer and millennials depending on what year you were born will define the category you belong in. Cohorts are explained as an unclear grouping of people within these generational groups as having common involvements. In other terms we could say that the dividing line is just a mix of the two groups (Nisen, 2013). “The greatest generation,” a term invented by broadcaster Tom Brokaw…

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  • Multigenerational Diversity In Nursing

    Generational diversity within the nursing workforce is a unique situation for health care organizations today. Having three distinct generations working together to provide safe and effective patient care presents many challenges. Each generation possesses their own characteristics, values, beliefs, communication styles, and commitment to team work (American Hospital Association [AHA], 2014). The three generations were influenced by the collective experiences of their generation, both socially…

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  • Welcoming Workplace

    Creating a Welcoming Workplace for the Older Worker Most organizations have diverse generational cohorts, accounting for veterans, baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y. Senior nurses contribute significantly to the workforce through calmness, experience, professional commitment, hard-work ethic, and decision-making skills (Hatcher, 2006). NM has a responsibility to the organization to alleviate the barriers experienced by the senior staff in the healthcare environment. NM can impact…

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