Diversity In The Workplace Case Study

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Creating a Welcoming Workplace for the Older Worker
Most organizations have diverse generational cohorts, accounting for veterans, baby boomers, generation X, and generation Y. Senior nurses contribute significantly to the workforce through calmness, experience, professional commitment, hard-work ethic, and decision-making skills (Hatcher, 2006). NM has a responsibility to the organization to alleviate the barriers experienced by the senior staff in the healthcare environment. NM can impact the generational diversity through the creation of new career paths that accommodate the aging staff, which will assist with the expected nursing shortage from baby boomers retiring (Collins-McNeil, Sharpe, & Benbow, 2012).
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NM plays an important role in facilitating a favorable work environment by treating the diversity and differences as a valued asset, which is accomplished with open communication, flexibility, and acceptance (Beheri, 2009). Moreover, the NM must provide consideration to the physical work environment too. According to Hatcher (2006), nurses over 50 years prefer the healthcare organizations focus on retirement benefits and pension, alternate work schedules, health benefits, and developmental …show more content…
Employees greatly appreciate appropriate staffing and guaranteeing that patient acuities are met. Suitable staffing is accomplished by use of a reliable and valid classification tool that measures nurse workload related to patient complexity and severity, nurse education and experience, and unit systems (Fasoli & Haddock, 2010). Nurses experience an increased physical, psychological, and emotional stress with high ratios and high acuity; therefore, NM’s role is to facilitate appropriate staffing needs.
Another strategy to increase retention is considering increasing the benefits offered to staff. ABC Hospital could introduce a few new programs related to injury. The first is an Injury Prevention Program, which involves hiring employees responsible for creating modified work environment and educating staff of changes to prevent injury (Hatcher, 2006). The second is a Rehabilitation Programs that offers alternate position or reduced hour workweek to support employees until they can return to full work duties (Hatcher,

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