Persuasive Essay: The Unfair Workload Of Nurses

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The argument I will be addressing in my persuasive essay will be about the unfair workload of nurses. I will be arguing that nurses are overworked and do not have the support of the administrators. My main argument is to have the administrators hiring more nurse staff or to lower the ratio of nurse to patient. This argument is derived from my field of work. I am an RN, and I work in the same circumstances.
Three key points for my selected topic are: ratio of nurse to patient, nurse’s burnout, and patient safety. Ratio of nurse to patient supports my argument because my main goal is to lower this ratio. It supports my argument because the administrators do not staff the units properly, so they to give each nurse more patients to care for to compensate for the lack of staff. Nurses burnout supports my argument because when a unit is under staff, RN's will have more work to do and more responsibility, which makes them feel overwhelmed. When they are overwhelmed, they feel tired, fatigued, and may not provide adequate patient care. Patient
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Patients do not want to feel rushed by nurses. They want their needs to be met in a timely manner. The other source, "the Effects of Nurse Staffing on Quality of Care" aligns with the key point of nurse’s burnout. This source shows the effects of nurse’s burnout such as "chronic fatigue, poor sleep patterns, and job dissatisfaction." Patient safety, my last key point, aligns with the supporting resource, Professional Collaboration: Who Should Determine Safe Staffing for Nurses?" because this resource demonstrates that when there is enough staff to care for clients, the rate of mortality decreases

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