Bedside Report: Bedside Safety And Satisfaction

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Aubree Sherbourne
Kent State University

Introduction Throughout this paper we are going to look at Bedside shift report, also known as BSSR. As nurses, it is important to look at patient safety, and satisfaction in depth, and what we can do to help increase these. In the following paragraphs BSSR will be looked at in several different ways. Literature supporting the increase of safety and satisfaction of patient’s can be found throughout the paper, as well as implementation plans, and education plans for the implementation of BSSR throughout hospitals, and other patient care areas. This Capstone Presentation will address several different aspects of BSSR,
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“Bedside shift reports have been found to increase patient involvement and satisfaction, boost nursing teamwork and accountability, and improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers.” (Wakefield, Ragan, Brandt, & Tregnago, 2012, p.248) While patient satisfaction is the main gain from the implementation of bedside reporting, I find it very important to bring up the topic of nursing teamwork. As nurse’s we need each other to succeed at our jobs. Bedside report helps to strengthen the team bond. We are not only able to share pertinent information to help the oncoming nurse care for their patient, but we are also able to work together and help reposition patients, toilet patients, and do basic nursing care that may need the assistance of another nurse. When giving bedside report, we can accomplish these tasks and help to grow the teamwork and communication between …show more content…
Patient safety, satisfaction, and nursing teamwork can grow as a direct result of moving shift report from the nurse’s station to the bedside. Nursing is an ever-changing field, and patient needs are ever changing as well. Bedside shift report is a step in the current direction nursing is heading towards. “The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) defines BSR as “An opportunity to make sure there is effective communication between patients and families and nursing staff.” It also states that one of the rationales for BSR is the creation of an environment where patients, families, clinicians, and hospital staff work together to improve the quality and safety of care.” (Affori-Atta, 2015) While nursing continues to grow and change, I believe that bedside shift report will continue to be an irreplaceable part of nurse and patient

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