Assignment 1 Identify A Pertinent Environmental Concern

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GEOS2121 Essay – Question 2
Identify a pertinent environmental concern (eg. climate change, fisheries depletion, deforestation, soil degradation, river health, etc) and discuss how population changes at the global and local levels may impact on the issue. Explain why various change(s) in demographics may or may not result in improvement to the environmental management of this issue.

Humanity and our environment are a complex relationship that exists in a delicate balance, yet a growing awareness of climate change and its impacts on the human population has plagued humankind recently. This anthropogenic production of greenhouse gases into our environment at a global scale is generating adverse effects. These conditions will yield significant penalties for the human populace and its demographic patterns.
The secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon stated that in the twenty first century we are going to face a decrease in our natural resources, while the global temperatures increase. He also goes on to explain that the previous climate change models are obsolescent and our lack of global and local knowledge is now a prodigious threat (Curtis et al., 2011).
As the global
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Mitigation in this context can be described as the reduction of the causal mechanisms of climate change; whilst adaption can be described as the reduction of the populace in questions susceptibility to the adverse effects of climate change.
The foundational cause of our greenhouse gas emissions stems from the populace in developed countries, due to their excessive rate of resource consumption. This pattern continues to this day whilst the national and local rate of population growth is minimal. This is the opposite in developing countries where they have higher levels of population growth nationally, but also have higher individual fertility rates and minor

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