Five Generations In The Workplace Essay

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The Five Generations in the workplace
Walking into an office it is easy to identify the different age groups. In the next few years there will be five generations working together in a variety of jobs. There are a few contributors as to why this is happening. People today have a longer life expectancy due to healthier life styles. People from the older generation are not in a financial position to retire from their jobs. They have to work longer to sustain themselves. They also like working and simply do not want to retire. Unfortunately, with so many age groups working together there can cause some tension in the work place (The Center for Generational Kinetics, 2015). The tension is mainly due to ageism and stereotypes. Ageism is the discrimination
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Employers would rather send them into retirement and hire someone younger. Employers believe that it is harder to train someone who is older, or they are unwilling to learn (Chamberlin, 2009). Another stereotype against the older generation is that they do not adapt well to new technology, or unwilling to learn about the latest technology (Havig, 2013). It is not just the Baby Boomers or Traditionalist who are facing stereotyping in the work place. Millennials are facing their own set of stereotyping. It is assumed that millennials have a sense of entitlement, lazy, and job hoppers (Gani, 2016). Millennials are classified as lazy due to their different work habits. They want to have a more flexible work schedule, and do not conform to the nine to five work schedule. People view their job hopping has being disloyal. In reality Millennials want to feel like their work matters and will find a job that meets that need. Millennial want to show their employers that they are up to the task. They want to learn as they grow in the company. They are also comfortable around technology (Banes, 2016). Managers have to learn to recognize these signs and find ways to effectively manage the different

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