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  • The Try-Hard Generation Analysis

    Every generation seems to clash with the other, since the beginning of time. Dr. Fareed Zakaria makes this clear in his article called “The Try-Hard Generation.” Zakaria examines the conflict between the Baby Boomer(1946-1964) generation and Millennials(1980-2000). The overarching argument that he makes, is defending Millennials--yet not fighting his audience(previous generations). The opposition to Millennials is that they are lazy, career-oriented, and are lacking intellectually. However,…

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  • Consumer Behavior Analysis: The North Face Products

    3. Consumer Behavior Analysis 3.1 Consumer profile Demographic Generally speaking, The North Face customers are adults aged between 25 and 45. They are usually from middle-middle to upper-middle class. Hence, they are prone to extreme sports and able to afford the relatively high price of The North Face products. Behavioral Most of its customers love nature and are interested in outdoor activities. They frequently participate in activities such as hiking, skiing, and backpacking. Thus, they…

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  • Examples Of Cost Benefit Analysis

    2006). In the empirical valuation literature, more focus has been devoted to the spatial impact or the effect of distance from the resource on its valuation than the socioeconomic or demographic characteristics. That is based on the notion that the average value is expected to decay with distance from the resource in question. Within the stated preference approach, there is a large body of research – dominated by contingent valuation studies…

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  • Creativity And Multicultural Teams: Millennials Or Generation Y

    like authority figures. They don’t like being told what to do (Milligan, 2014, p.25).” As the saying goes they essentially “work to live not live to work”. Millennials or Generation Y were born from the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. They are known for being the most tech-savvy out of all the generations. They are confrontational when it comes to authority. According to Meister & Willyerd, millennials are not willing to sacrifice their personal lives for their work lives. They view work as an…

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  • Generation Y: Millennials Are Changing The Workforce

    For businesses, understanding the millennial mindset opens doors to opportunities. As Baby Boomers retire, and Generation X is a significantly smaller demographic, Millennials will become the dominant force in the workplace and take on business leadership roles. For other generations, the idea of “learning to accept” the untraditional is new; but for Millennials, this is the norm. To dismiss Millennials as…

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  • How Global Trends Impacted Future

    game-changers. Megatrends are trends that already exist now, but will gain momentum over the next fifteen to twenty years. The megatrends predict that the world will experience an increase in individual empowerment, a diffusion of power, changes in demographic patterns, and increased global connections over resources like food, water, and energy. According to the National Intelligence Council, individual empowerment will be one of the most influential megatrends impacting the future world.…

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  • The G. I Generation In The 20th Century

    The concept of generation has evolved throughout times, expanding globally and socially on a vast area of interest. The global generations have encountered major traumatic events which are now historical in the 20th century. In fact, the growth of global communication, broadcast, and technology has enhanced the way people communicate from national wide standpoint. As well as technology itself, varies of device such as television, radio, automobiles have been invented during those times to make…

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  • Essay On The Greatest Generation

    Millennials, Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, the Silent Generation, and the Greatest Generation; groups of people divided not only by the time period in which they were born, but the cultural, social, political, and economic standpoints by which they live. The so-called “Greatest Generation” is made up of those born between 1901 and 1924, followed by the Silent Generation, born from 1925 to 1945. The second largest generation is the Baby Boomer Generation, who were born between 1946 and 1964, and became…

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  • Five Nursing Generations

    have a great capacity to enhance nursing and other industries. Harnessing younger generations’ idealism, innovation and creativity, while fully utilizing the older generations’ wisdom, and experience will guide the workforce safely through the demographic challenges and the period of profound political, economic, social and technological change that the world has entered (Abrams & Von Frank, 2014). Fairness and consistency in how one treats these individuals will make the difference in a team…

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  • Higher Education Demographic Analysis

    The article’s purpose is to assess demographic factors that influence the evaluation of service quality in higher education institutes, specifically through the perspective of international students. Sein Min and Chey Chor Khoon note that demographic factors such as, age, gender, and nationality can affect the overall levels of satisfaction in institutes of higher education (995). The article’s target audience is mainly marketers of higher education, international students and institutes of…

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