Comparing Two Generations

Throughout time, generation after generation has emerged and transformed the world. Some had significant accomplishments while others did not. What is it that makes up a remarkable generation? Is it determined by their hard work, values, or intelligence? Past generations fought for their independence, rights, and equality. But what is so salient about generations X and Y? Theses two generations have helped mold how humanity is perceived, and these two generations are going to educate the next generation that follows. Generation X are the parents of generation Y, yet they are very different. However, it is generation Y’s values and take on the world that shows this group of individuals have made a greater impact on society.
The two generations,
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“Gen Y seek happiness in their work and life, the notion of one job, one career mindset is no longer valid. Gibson (2015) noted that Gen Y integrate work and life by pursuing multiple job options” (Wiedmer 54). This is because generation Y was introduced to the concept of social media. With this new technology, generation Y has the ability to connect with anyone, and allows them to see the real world before they live in it. Furthermore, because of this they are allowed to explore their many interests, and which could create a problem in choosing a career. This results in multiple job options. It is because of their divergent values the two generations view work the way they …show more content…
In society different groups share different values, and it is the same in each generation. Generation X is also referred to as the “lost” generation. The lost generation is made up of kids that are self-reliant individualists that constantly think, “what’s in it for me?” (Schroer). Due to this mindset they are highly intelligent. However, they believe that in order to get what they desire they must get it themselves, and because of this they easily become self-absorbed and desensitized to others feelings but their own. This is the result of being a Baby Boomer baby, “Boomers are generally well established in their careers and hold positions of power and authority” (Wiedmer 53). Growing up with this standard, generation X may feel that they need to work just as hard. Meanwhile, generation Y’s values are very different. It has been said that generation Y may be ambitious, however they lack motivation. Could it be possible that this generation is not as motivated as past generations simply because they need a push? “Generation Y is more extrinsically than intrinsically motivated” (Krahn 95). Similar to what was stated above about their work values, this generation holds, the opportunities to explore many possibilities for their careers. This will allow them to pick a field of interest that will allow the best rewards. Past generations took jobs just to get food on the table no matter how much they were paid. Everyday

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