Millenial Generation Pros And Cons

The Good, the Bad, the Millennial Generation “It’s a putrid, stinking, several-months-old-stringy-goat-meat moment to be young Malone 2).” Millennials in United States are a frequently discussed subject due to their actions being the deciding factor of the entire population’s fate. Agreement regarding millennials’ colliding views with previous generations, the terrible quality of their current situation, and their promising outcome suggests that this group is a contradiction within themselves. Millennials are popular for their opposing views in regard to generations before them. To illustrate, expert Noreen Malone informs “A majority of Americans say, for the first time ever, that this generation will not be better off than its parents (2).” …show more content…
Millennials are reviled. For the most part they are hated for their coddled and narcissistic ways, but this is is not all their fault. Ellin blames the delay in development to hovering “helicopter parents who infantilized them (61).” These parents disallowed space for the millennials to grow and be independent on their own. This coddling was possibly the worst thing parents could have done for their own future. In “Preparing Students for the New Reality”, Donald S. Miller describes a specific cultural change which is “leading to declining student performance and graduates who are unprepared for a competitive work environment (18).” Millennials are lacking in their understanding of reality. They are also consistently complacent of the importance of education. Furthermore, Malone argues “young people have never been more disillusioned, as a group, about their ability to bring about meaningful change through the electoral process (5).” The millennials’ blatant obsession with themselves has lead to a complete disregard for attempting to change the negative effects their habits have made. One interviewee even admits, “maybe I don’t have to make a splash. Maybe I’ll be okay with just keeping afloat (5). Millennials feel like everything appears to be fine, and apparently carry the mindset the kinks will work out themselves. The actions of millennials allow for their present situation to appear

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