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  • The Asset Management Industry Analysis

    investment management – either utilizing active investment management or passive investment management. An active investment managers’ goal is to outperform a specific benchmark index by identifying mispriced securities. A passive managers’ goal is to closely track or replicate the return pattern of a specified benchmark index at a low cost. A passive manager does not make any attempt to seek out mispriced securities. Over the past several years, the rise of robo-advisor and FinTech which rely…

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  • Ray Of Light Compared To The Interface Between Two Mediums

    How much it bends depends on the refractive indices of the two mediums which is a ratio of the speed of light in one medium compared with the second. For example the refractive index (n) of crown glass can be calculated as it passes from air into crown glass Total internal reflection occurs when the refractive index of the first medium is more than that of the second. The angle of incidence is the angle that a ray of light hits an interface between two mediums relative to the normal. As…

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  • Gaëton Dugas Summary

    In the reading, Phil Tiemeyer, gives a unique spin off of the telltale story of the infamous Gaëton Dugas. A man who could arguably be called the Hitler of the AIDS epidemic. In fact, not only does Tiemeyer say that the things people have learned about Mr. Dugas was a fabricated myth, but he also defends Dugas, by saying he could not have even been patient zero. An audacious claim to make about the villain of the late 20th century, however, surprisingly Tiemeyer does not speak without compelling…

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  • Invertebrate Diversity

    This study examined the effects of physical factors on diversity in freshwater environments by observing invertebrate diversity in riffles and pools in a freshwater stream. It was hypothesized that differences in invertebrate diversity between riffles and pools would be due to physical factors in the environment. To test this hypothesis, invertebrates were collected from each environment and classified by their taxa, and Shannon-Simpson indices were produced from these data to analyze the…

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  • Voltaire And The Declaration Of Independence

    Test Review 7 1. Charles I was the son of James I. Like his father, Charles believed in a divine right that was sent from God to kings. In 1628 Parliament passed a Petition of Right. This request placed limitations on the king. This limited his abilities to tax, and he could only imprison citizens with a right cause. People would move to America rather than live under Charles rule. The European struggle influenced American history. 2. Voltaire was known as one of the greatest…

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  • The Purpose Of Common Sense By Thomas Paine

    He wanted the government to be a democracy, in which every civilian would have a say in the government. Also, he said that another purpose of government is to provide security for the people. Paine thought, if all people acted morally, government would not be necessary. However, since people…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Lowering The Voting Age

    United Kingdom have extended voting rights for 16 year olds and all have historically better voter turnout then the United States. Advocates for lowering the voting age argue that it could increase government responsiveness and help reinvigorate our democracy. In state after state and around the world, allowing young people to vote in elections has had a real positive effects. Many states in our country have extended voting rights to 17 year olds to vote in primaries to nominate candidates for…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, And Animal Farm

    Every Work of Art Serves a Purpose To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, and Animal Farm are well-known literary classics that share a commonality. They have all been banned at some time during their existence. Books are the most commonly banned form of art, but films, music, and video games are subject to this fate as well. One of the first groups of people to ban books for political reasons were the Romans, even though they were considered to be somewhat liberal. In Germany during the 20th…

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  • Importance Of Absolutism: The One And Only

    History abounds with tales of destructive dictatorships and the failed democracies. Which is better: governments with casualties or casual governments? Absolutism is a more expedient form of government because it is quick and painless; it provides the guidance and boundaries to keep countries and citizens out of turmoil; democracy is slow, messy, and ineffective. In the United States of America, a representative democracy, Congress takes long to do little. The Washington Informer proves this…

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  • Paul Frymer's Inequality Beyond Class And Race

    Merriam-Webster, inequality is defined as an unfair situation in which some people have more rights or better opportunities than other people. In Paul Frymer book Uneasy Alliance, he shows inequality among race and parties is still seen in America democracy today. He demonstrates to his readers that not all groups are treated equally but more government officials are more responsive to white swing voters than any other voter. Frymer’s theory affirms this ideas that in American politics, African…

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