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  • Militarism In The Spartan Society

    constructed a hierarchical society in which a minority of privileged citizens had access to resources and public roles that was beneficial to them. Although Athens’ interest and preference in philosophy, art, cultural activities, and a form of direct democracy had a significant impact on the variety and flexibility of citizen-roles, and later, the Western governments. This is in contrast to Sparta’s militarized society which its sole purpose were to make strong and battle-ready soldiers and…

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  • James Madison's Role In The Constitution

    If you open your wallet and pull out a ten dollar bill, the face of one of our founding fathers, James Madison, will be staring back at you. Early in our school careers we are taught, if not in detail, about the constitution and the men who wrote it. As we progress we learn in more and more detail about the Philadelphia Convention and many of the key players including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. However, all the average students’ education on James Madison will…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Virginia Plan

    Since the very beginning of the Constitutional Convention the framers debated how to accurately and fairly represent the American public. For the majority of the first month the founders argued about which plan, the Virginia or the New Jersey, was a better fit for the country. For the most part, those who supported the Virginia Plan supported greater democratization, while those who supported the New Jersey Plan opposed greater democratization in fear that the large states would overpower the…

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  • The Authoritarian System In Indonesia

    During the reign of President Soeharto, the second president of Indonesia, Indonesian governmental system was unitary state with authoritarian system. At this era, the administrative system was set into a hierarchical system; from the higher level to the lowest level namely central government, provinces, cities (kota) and rural regencies (kabupaten), districts (kecamatan), and urban neighborhoods (kelurahan) and villages (desa); with a large number of military officer designated in many…

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  • Analysis Of Erikson And Tedin's American Public Opinion Model

    During elections, voters support candidates by looking at how close their policy positions are to those running in office. In fact, the voters elect candidates on the basis of bridging public policy and public preferences. Therefore, policy representation not only falls on the behavior of the voters, but also the politicians themselves. In Erikson and Tedin’s American Public Opinion: Its Origins, Content and Impact, chapter 10 explores the four models the policy-makers’ behavior including,…

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  • Is America Truly A Democracy?

    Is America Truly a Democracy? In the light of reading the passage from The Shame of the cities published in 1904, it has raised the question is America truly a democracy. Throughout history, it has seemed there has always been some sort of polluting in the voting polls. Voting is a promise of equality while at the same time, it is a great threat to the men who created our government. According to the passage written by Lincoln Steffens, he and other muckrakers pointed out that there was a…

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  • Essay On The Impact Of Referendums On Democracy

    What is the impact of referendums on democracy? Include examples from the UK and other countries. A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to vote on a particular proposal. This may result in the adoption of new constitution, a constitutional amendment, or a law. Whether referendums are initiated by governments, presidents or voters the issues can differ from constitutional amendments, electoral system change and national independence to EU membership and EU treaties…

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  • Pluralism In Democracy

    duty to vote. Only to return, November 9th, to American mainstream culture, characterized by ignorant complacency and weapons of mass distraction for another four years. More and more people, however, are coming to realize that the state of our democracy, founded in ideals of freedom and equal representation of our votes and voices, is a lie. Thanks to the historic campaign of Bernie Sanders and his growing social justice movement, an anti-establishment political revolution has begun to uncover…

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  • Henry David Thoreau Prompt Of Civil Disobedience Analysis

    In Henry David Thoreau’s prompt of Civil Disobedience, he quotes, “All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or back gammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it.” Meaning that when it comes to voting, everyone should take their time to research and look at who he or she is voting for and have good reasoning and information to why they are voting for that person. But there are some citizens who chose not…

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  • The Political Philosophy Of Plato's Allegory Of The Republic

    and the rich. In this war the poor are the winners because of their numerical superiority. Common people take control over the republic and it leads to the power of the majority. This is exactly from what Plato wants to protect the state - from Democracy. As for Plato, the majority cannot see the common good. In this case, the state either falls apart, or tyranny sets…

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