Delusional disorder

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  • Battlefronts Research Paper

    CHAPTER THREE – THREE MAJOR BATTLEFRONTS The author’s definition of battlefronts is the common sexual issues that can hinder a man’s journey towards God’s gift of sexual success. If the reader is not experiencing these battles then this chapter can provide insight to help others. Battlefront 1 – Abuse Besides sexual abuse, the author has included two other forms – physical and emotional. “To be a whole man your soul must be healed from past pain as much as possible.” (p. 36) In self-protection a…

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  • Analysis Of Esther By Sylvia Plath

    Esther wanted to get away from the real world because she considers herself a failure. She reminds herself while in a negative phase that “[she]’ll never get anywhere like that” (Plath 146). Her inward personality creates this negative view of herself, which is another sign of suicidal tendencies (Lester). She does not feel worthy. Once, she calls herself “a dull cart horse” (Plath 32). She criticized her writing by reminding herself that her professor called it “factitious” (Plath 147) even…

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  • Sports: The Psychological Effects Of Athletes

    psychological effects of athletes’ individual performance, it is important take note of the variables, as mentioned; that being, cohesiveness of coaches teaching, psychological effects of post surgery pain and rehabilitation, and diagnosing psychological disorders. As a psychologist, it is extremely important to remember these three points because when evaluating athletes’ mental stability and health, these points must be factored in to make a full and proper patient analyses. Many athletes can…

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  • Thomas Szasz: The Concept Of Mental Illness

    He based this on the premise that even if a brain was sickly, and in turn influenced behavior, it was indeed a part of the body that was ill, not one’s mental capacity. Szasz further believed that to label someone with a mental disorder could be harmful for two reasons, one of them was that an illness does not require a person to take ownership of their problem. Second, a person may allow a diagnosis to guide their behavior. Therefore, his overall theory was that mental illnesses…

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  • Typhoid Mary Captive To The Public's Health Summary

    Typhoid Mary: Captive to the Public’s Health tells the story of Mary Mallon and what she had to go through at the beginning of the twentieth century. Typhoid Mary has “become a metaphor for a dangerous person who should be reviled and avoided (Leavitt).” Judith Walzer Leavitt, the author, is a professor of the history of medicine and women's studies at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and an author of several books (Judith). She uses Mary’s story to show the different perspectives of…

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  • Creative Writing: Guard-Raugh's Prison

    The soldiers of the Eighth Battalion slept soundly on the uneventful night at Guard-Raugh’s Prison. Their beds, though hard as rocks, were more comfortable than the ground they slept on during the Forever War. Though they were thankful they had been relieved from the frontlines, they longed to return home to their worried wives and sick children, but tolerated the boredom they faced guarding the most secure prison in all of Asyra. The unlucky few walking the night shift fell asleep at their…

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  • Allen Young Traumatic Memory Analysis

    of mental trauma through memory in this ridiculously incoherent but incredibly interesting essay. The development of the ideas of a traumatic memory comes from surgical sources from the late 1800s to Young’s own essay about post-traumatic stress disorder in 1995. This wide range of documents hides the fact that they are mostly researchers situated in the West, not to mention the obvious possibility of Eurocentric thought combined with andocentrism. Young also hints that his essay is focused on…

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  • Face To Face Bullying Vs Cyberbullying Case Study

    Cyberbullying v.s. Face-to Face Bullying: Which is Worse? Zoe Johnson, a young 13 year old girl from Wyoming, Michigan who was cyberbullied online constantly and had minor depression. In addition, she was also a member of the cheer team and had just finished seventh grade at her middle school. In early July, Zoe Johnson committed suicide and Zoe’s family was deeply affected. Zoe’s mother, Rebecca Abbott, believes that cyberbullying is what took her life. The evidence that she found was that a…

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  • Addiction In Charles Duhigg's 'Power Of Habit'

    Habits That can’t be Controlled “Addiction isn’t about using drugs, it’s about what the drug does to your life “(Enock Maregesi, author of Kolonia Santila). The Power of Habit, written by Charles Duhigg explains two cases of habits that were out of control. Brain Thomas was a sleepwalker who killed his wife without knowing what he was doing, and Angie Bachmann was a housewife who gambled and lost everything. These cases showed something important about addiction and blame. Thomas and Bachmann…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Prison Education

    It has been oftentimes stated that prison is a damaging institution, which impairs or further aggravates psychological conditions of its patients; in the same way, scholars in this field have come forward with the idea that education could provide a framework wherein the effects of imprisonment can be reduced. To effectively accomplish this task however, it is important to disclose the characteristics of the prison setting as well as to acknowledge the sufferings it brings about (Behan, 2008).…

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