Psychological Stages Of The Yellow Wallpaper

1.What psychological stages does the narrator go through as the story progresses? The narrator goes through a rollercoaster of emotion throughout this story. In the beginning of the story she is suffering from postpartum depression so her husband locks her away in the attic. Being bored out of her mind and stuck in the room for 3 months she starts to be intrigued by the specific most minor details of the room like the pattern of the yellow wallpaper. She decides to keep a secret diary from her husband for relief from the depression. From that point, her true thoughts are hidden from the outer world, and the narrator begins to slip into a fantasy world. Then things go downhill from there when, “the faint figure behind seemed to shake the pattern, …show more content…
The wallpaper is a, “smoldering unclean yellow... A dull yet lurid orange”. The woman sees a desperate woman in the pattern of the wallpaper constantly looking for an escape from the wallpaper which resembles the bars of a cage. This represents the narrator herself being trapped in the life of a typical housewife. When the narrator becomes increasingly interested in the woman I can conclude that the by her being so bored and hopelessly insane she imagines that there is a woman in the wallpaper. The woman is exactly like her trying to escape the hardships of being housewife and feeling trapped in her room like the woman is trapped in an age of the wallpaper.
3. Explain your ultimate view of the narrator, by using specific details of the story and by identifying some of the warrants or assumptions behind your opinion. Do you admire her? Sympathize with her? Recoil from her? What would you say to someone who simply dismisses her as
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Most people after they read this would probably just assume she is a crazy woman in a mental hospital but he is just affected by her husband. For example, “john is a physician”. John believes the best things for the narrator to do is rest after postpartum depression and not have any stimulation. He then requires the narrator to stop all writing, reading, and, higher-level thinking. He is a physician so he leaves the whole day making way for her writing in a secret journal. As an example, “he laughs at me so about this wallpaper! At first he meant to repaper the room”. John's refusal to take the wallpaper down leads to an obsession with the yellow wallpaper in her room. I sympathize with her she is locked in solitary and taken away from all interesting things when she is struggling through a mental condition. I do not blame her if it was me I might become obsessed with yellow wallpaper too out of insanity. If someone just dismissed her as crazy I would tell them to look at stone hard facts that the women was not treated correctly by her husband and not properly taken care of resulting in utter

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