Delusional disorder

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  • Eating Disorders: Family Systems Analysis

    Eating disorders come in many forms and have many causes. For example anorexia nervosa, this is an eating disorder where the person refuses to eat and then becomes malnourished. This disorder is commonly found in young girls who have over controlling parents. The treatment for this disorder is commonly family systems therapy. Family systems therapy is a therapy that treats the disorder and the family of the person, this treatment is used because the family tends to be at the root of this…

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  • Cynthia Lord's Rules

    The book Rules stands out amongst other novels in the literary genre of children with disabilities. It not only chronicles the challenges that David, a boy with Autism, faces, but also illustrates his struggles from the perspective of someone on the outside, specifically his sister Catherine. The simplest abilities that most people take for granted, such as interpreting social cues and demonstrating appropriate manners, are the same abilities that people with Autism lack. This novel shines a…

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  • D. T. Max Sleep Essay

    According to D.T. Max sleep is defined as a dynamic state characterized by shifting levels of electrical activity and the flow of chemicals into various regions of the brain. A pinhead size cluster of cells called the ventrolateral preoptics nucleus (VLPO) send signals to arousal centres to stop producing histamine and other chemicals that keep us awake. Another cell cluster called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) generates the “wake-up” cue that signals the VLPO to stop activating the arousal…

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  • The Importance Of Treatment For Mental Illness

    Mental illness is a condition that impacts many Americans today. It affects an individuals thinking, feelings, or behaviors and it may also affect his or her ability to relate to others and function on a daily basis. The treatment for mental illness is drug therapy according to diagnosis and mental health counseling. In my mental health clinical I assess my patient using therapeutic communication to get a health history, personal history, mental status, the reason they are there, mood, speech…

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  • My Internship With Mental Illness

    their social worker. I never turned them away, but I did relay the message to their social worker. I have learned a lot about mankind and diversity in the mental health profession. They all have a similarity, but are affected differently by the same disorder. When remember looking at this population and wondering how…

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  • Human And Animal Interaction

    Human- animal interaction has always been considered a healthy way for people who seem to be depressed or alone. Having someone to care for is always recommended for people who are alone with no kids or spouse, having a pet is a good way of keeping someone sane. The interaction between human and animals can be beneficial on both sides, for the animal it can help a lot of them in need that have suffered abuse and neglect. However for humans it’s a sense of comfort and care they don’t always…

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  • Pat Solitano Character Analysis

    in a mental hospital after beating up his wife’s lover. Pat loses his job and was recently discharged from the altercation. The movie follows his release and how he adapts back to life at home with his parents. I would diagnose Pat with bipolar disorder I because he has experienced at least one manic episode, which according to DSM-5 is a factor for the consideration of bipolar I. The DSM-5 states that when the individual has this manic episode it causes significant harm to the individual, and…

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  • Successful Insanity Defense

    General Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Mental Disorder Defense Despite many characteristics mentioned in the above, the fact that most individuals found NCRMD have had previous contact with the psychiatric system or history records with the criminal justice system are very interesting to acknowledge. When compared with individuals with successful the NCRMD defense and unsuccessful NCRMD defense, individuals with NCRMD found more involvement with the psychiatric previously(Gullets…

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  • Standardization Of Education

    The education system in America is flawed due to the idea of standardization. Ever since the American education system was created, we have been treating students as if they were being massed produced on an assembly line. This idea of standardization is flawed because of that fact that not everyone is the same. Each and every person on this planet is unique and because of their uniqueness, they learn and think differently than everyone else. The education system doesn’t care about someone’s…

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  • Summary: The Role Of Registered Psychiatric Nurses

    of violence committed by individuals with mental disorders appear to play a critical role in influencing negative perceptions toward individuals with mental illness (McGinty, Webster, & Barry, 2013). When a person commits ruthless acts of violence, speculations about their mental health from the public are never far behind. Research suggests that violent acts can increase mental illness stigma, strengthen stereotypes that people with mental disorders are aggressive and…

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