Narrative Essay On Personal Prejudice

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My personal prejudice is drug addicts. The main reason is that my mother is a drug addict, whom i haven't spoken to in about 5 years.
I will give you the background of why I despise drug addicts. My father passed away when i was five years old and no one could find my mother. They couldn't locate her for three days, due to the fact she was getting high with her dealer. My sisters and i remained at my neighbors house until my mother actually did come home from “work”. She was a nurse on call at a hospital. This was a major way she had contact with her drug of choice , Vicodin. My mother lost her job when i was about 7 years old and she needed a way to make money without actually working since they basically told her she wouldn't be able to work
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She had my children on vacation with her in South Carolina when she overdosed and was in a coma. I was notified by my uncle whom they were staying with. The toxic report was she had been extremely high amounts of vicodin, percocet in her system and she had 3 fentanyl patches on. My sisters and I had to come to fact she mind not survive this because of the tylenol in her system could shut everything down. When she did finally wake up,her only excuse was that she was still in pain and needed more pain killers. [that was always her excuse, she was in “pain”]. Ever since that day she is dead to me and my other siblings, My children don't even acknowledge they have a grandmother on my side. Which is a shame because i knew they should not have gone without me. I didn't protect my children from her. I had always hid the drugs from my children and they always thought my mom wanted really good breath when she was taking her pills, like they were tic-tacs.
I feel drug addicts are selfish individuals that use others for their own benefit. The only people they care about are themselves and no one else matters. They will hurt everyone and anyone that are close to them. I have lived through it and make it to the end. I will never let anyone hurt and use me like my own mother

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