Water By The Spoonful Essay

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Addiction is something that has destroyed many families and lives. When you are addicted to something you are willing to do anything for it. Some people have lied, stole, and even killed for their addiction. In the script it talks about ho w Odessa had a two children while she was still into drugs. While needing a fix for her addiction she left them alone while they were sick. This resulted in the death of her young daughter. She even gave her son over to her sister to raise because she was so unfit as a parent. This is a prime example of how her addiction to drugs cost her her family. If there are a surplus of drugs in a community then it will quickly become known as a bad area. People will be stealing and causing harm just to try and feed …show more content…
The flyer literally said to give the kids a teaspoon of water every few minutes to prevent dehydration. Odessa ignored the flyer and her daughter ended up dying of dehydration. The water comment in the title could also be in reference to familial interactions. How the characters are unable to survive without a minimal amount of contact in order to help them keep control of themselves. Even though you can obviously see how the characters thirst for affection and support as if it was water. Without the perceived support the characters become overwhelmed and stressed out. In turn this causes them to …show more content…
Her Addiction to crack caused her to fail as a mother and leave her children to fend for themselves when they were sick with the flu. After she started recovering from crack she started an online group to help other recovering addicts. Her online persona of Haikumom, has a dual purpose for her, she is able to express her maternal instincts in a safe environment and also it helps her to stay clean as well. She uses the chat room to stay positive and on the right track even though Elliot try’s to manipulate her about it. She is a strong character to continue to fight when she could easily be frustrated with her lot in life. She works as a janitor which does not make her very much money at all and keeps her just above absolute

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