Dog's Sleeping Habits

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Does it seem like your fur baby sleeps a lot? In fact all dogs, regardless of size or breed tend to sleep most of the time and we got an explanation about that. It is safe to say that huge part of their lives are spent being asleep.
Dogs tend to sleep half the day away and are only active about 20% of the day. Unlike human, dogs don’t have the same sleeping patterns and their patterns vary according to different factors not to mention that they have heightened senses which make them alert most of the time.

How Much Sleep is Normal
So how much sleep is considered normal? Well it depends. Depending on your dog’s breed, age, activities and environment, a good 14-18 hours of sleep a day is consider normal. This is because they don’t sleep the
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If an active dog suddenly sleeps excessively or vice versa, seek professional help to make sure he is not suffering from any health disease condition.
If your dog sleeps less or more than the “normal” amount of sleep, it doesn’t really mean alarming since each pet is unique. Seeing them slumber most of the time may not mean too serious and maybe, some sleeping techniques will help them get longer and quality sleep. To get your dog a restful night, sleep training would definitely help. Teach him when it is sleeping time by creating habits or routines which lead to sleep.
Moreover, take time to examine if your dog is suffering from sleep disorders or is becoming sleepless as these are red flags for another serious condition. This could be due to injury, flea infestation, stress, and anxiety, and aging, lack of activity or side effects of their current medication. It could also because of change in diet, lack of exercise or change in their life cycle.
Adequate sleep is crucial for humans and animals’ health and happiness. Addressing your dog’s sleeping disorders if any will mean more energy for him and more good night
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It’s amazing and at the same time, alarming especially if we are not aware how our dogs doze for hours every single day. It seems odd to us but perfectly good for them.
It’s great to know that them getting endless naps is very normal. Remember also that their sleeping requirements are based on their personality, activity and condition. Furthermore, to ensure them a good night rest, provide them a comfortable place to sleep in your home and plenty of toys that they can get busy with.
Avoid trying to wake them up as well unless really necessary as they too deserve to get full rest. Make sure that your dog is getting enough time to play with you or other dog companions. This is one of the keys for them to achieve healthy and longer life. Their needs are no different from humans since they also need our attention and

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