Data Protection Act 1998

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  • Law/Agency Impact On Sales Of Goods Act

    Law/Group/Agency Impact on company Examples Sales of Goods Act 1979: The goods must be: • as described • of satisfactory quality • fit for purpose All marketing should describe all products accurately and confirm any claims. An example of this would be a painting that was described in an auction catalogue as being by a German impressionist artist Gabrielle Munter. The claimant purchased this painting in the auction for £6,000. The buyers sent a specialist to inspect the painting before…

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  • Chapter 3: Methodology And Safeguarding Concepts

    shared to create concepts and theories (.....). This exploration may not have been possible through a quantitative approach due to its numerical and less descriptive properties. 3.2 The interviews Semi-structured interviews were used as a source of data collection for…

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  • Essay Explain Why Working In Partnership With Others Is Important For Children And Young People

    1.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and young people. It is important to work in partnership with others as u get other views you may not have, so that we can provide consistent care for the child. To help keep the child safe from harm because if we suspect any harm we can provide the help they need as soon as possible. Developing a bond with the parent will also make the parent and child feel safe at being in your care at pre-school. Also working with…

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  • Roles And Responsibilities Of Two Overarching Health Organisations Essay

    regulator is an organisation that checks services meet the government’s standards or rules about care. They also look after the rights of people who need extra support to stay safe. This includes people who are kept in care under the mental health act. The government’s standards cover all areas of care. These would be respecting and treating people with the care and supported in the way they are expected to be treated. The CQC put care services on their…

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  • What Are The Safety Of Electronic Devices During Class?

    phone you can send a text message, then a message on Facebook, alternatively on WhatsApp or Skype, and finally an email. In short, the system of communication, which we have all contributed to the growth, is undermining our privacy. To this we must act cautiously and avoid breaching the security line, establishing the rules for the content that we do not want to make public. There should be a policy that teaches people, students in particular, how to “behave” on the web and how to protect their…

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  • How To Prevent Identity Theft

    were stolen. The Amendment increased the desire for individuals to obtain fake identifications. Immigrants took on fake identification to avoid the Immigration and Nationality Act. The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Public Law 99-603, 100 Statute…

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  • Professional Boundaries In Nursing

    patient from any cruelty and torture; and justice which means treating everyone equally (Athar, 2011). The prime duty of all nurses is to deliver safe, competent, consistent, and ethical care to their patients. Nurses must think of ethics before they act in order to provide highest nursing standard care (Arnold & Boggs,…

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  • Title III Of The Omnibus Crime Control And Safe Street Act

    • Communications Act of 1934- an act To provide for the regulation of interstate and foreign communication by wire or radio, and for other purposes • Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act (1968 amended 1986)- Title III of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968, also known as the “Wiretap Act”:  prohibits the unauthorized, nonconsensual interception of “wire, oral, or electronic communications” by government agencies as well as private parties, …

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  • Difference Between Claims And Liberties

    While deontology focuses on the morality of an act, whether it was intrinsically right or wrong the other has a completely different take. Utilitarianism focuses more on the results than the morality. Deontologist often argue that logic and sound reasoning encase ethical behavior and the right way of…

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  • Describe The Recruitment Process In A Care Home

    homes is an ongoing process and same as to other perspective of managing a care home. The recruitment process is governed by various legislations, regulations and companies’ own policies. First of all Data Protection Act 1998 has specific requirement in terms of recruitment and selection process. The Act requires the information collected from applicants are relevant to employment and the information need to be treated as confidential which only the accessible to who are relevant (home manager,…

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