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  • HARP Case Study

    the DOH Epidemiology Bureau and are recorded in the report. Acknowledged limitations of the HARP is that only the HIV confirmation data by the NRL can be verified. Any other data, such as an individual’s current address or their address when infected, is considered secondary and cannot be verified (DOH, 2015). This limitation carries significant implications on data interpretations, specifically when interpreting demographic information. For example, in respect of geographical distribution, the…

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  • Beauchamp And Childress: The Four Principles Of The Ethics Of A Student Nursing

    acting on behalf of someone, speaking up for them (Cambridgeshire County Council, 2008). An example, the student nurse in the scenario will stand up for the parent and make sure she get the help she needs. Beneficence is where the student nurse will act what benefits her patients (Beauchamp and Childress, 2009). Non-maleficence is not causing any harm to their patient however when causing harm it is only to benefit their treatment with a better outcome (Beauchamp and Childress 2009). Justice is…

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  • Why Is Ethics Important In Social Work

    These values will act as a guidance to social workers on how to remain professional when working with individuals. Banks defines values as beliefs about what is worth or valuable to people. However, when it comes to professional practice, ‘belief’ indicates that values…

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  • Nvq Level 3 Unit 301

    Task 2 Unit 301 Roles responsibilities and relationships Responsibilities My responsibility is to identify my students needs plan my sessions so that am prepared to teach my subjects and prepared to answer any questions that my students might have to ask, motivate my student as is very hands on and it takes a lot of practice to learn so motivating my students will help them feel that they will achieve their goals, supporting them is the only way they will learn. Working with other…

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  • Ethical Issues In Health And Social Care Essay

    that they think may cause harm to themselves or others around them it should be informed to someone so that they are safe. Within research in health and social care if the participants do not want their names involved within the research then that data must be kept private and the professionals must respect them for that…

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  • Cyberspace Ethical Issues

    Cyberspace use is spreading rapidly into our daily life, directly affecting the people's behavior and ideas. Cyberspace or the Internet existence definitely offers wider options of retrieving and collecting information. It surely can be beneficial to the society, but know they can poisonous. Although it may sound all interesting online, there are still drawbacks on the other side of the virtual world. The society may not aware of how the cyberspace is actually impacting our life in both positive…

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  • The Importance Of Communication In A Healthcare Environment

    In this essay I will be highlighting the importance of communication when promoting a therapeutic relationship in a healthcare environment. Communication is important when maintaining a therapeutic relationship as it gives carers the ability to effectively recognize the behaviour of each patient in their care, realising that each behaviour has a different meaning to an individual with their own needs and values which should be respected. Treating the patient with a high quality of care in a Safe…

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  • Ethical And Social Issues In Information Systems Case Study

    think about these relationships is given in Figure 4-1. Imagine society as a more or less calm pond on a summer day, a delicate ecosystem in partial equilibrium with individuals and with social and political institutions. Individuals know how to act in this pond because social institutions (family, education, organizations) have developed well-honed rules of behavior, and these are supported by laws developed in the political sector that prescribe behavior and promise sanctions for…

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  • Social-Cognitive Theory

    When dealing with patients in the medical profession, it is essential to analyze their behaviour to determine why they choose to engage in certain actions. Psychosocial theories can evidently explain the development and progression of many concerns and can provide frameworks for effective health care. This essay will explore how the theories of the Health Belief Model, Locus of Control and Social-Cognitive theory can help explain the current behavior of Dave Jones and how consistent…

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  • The Henrietta Lacks Story

    the Tuskegee Institute did a study to collect data on syphilis for justifying treatments for blacks. The un-ethically justified study went on for forty years before the advisory panel stopped it. In other words, the knowledge gained did not outweigh the risk posed to the subjects (Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2013). In other words, the study did more harm than good since there was a known cure for syphilis. According to Gray (1998), penicillin was widely available as an…

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