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  • Clinical Interview Essay

    at will. The interviewer should use direct content to achieve a specific purpose, defined the role between the client and this should occur at a definite time and place. ( During the clinical interview you cannot cross-examine the client so the…

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  • Examples Of Aggressive Behavior

    2. Identified Challenging Behavior & Operational Definition • Challenging Behavior: Physical Aggression • Operational Definition: When Tim doesn’t get his way or tries to get someone’s attention, he will often use physical aggression (hit, pull hair, spit) to meet his needs. 3. Hypothesis • Tim is displaying physically aggressive behavior to get attention from his peers. 4. Identified Target Behavior & Operational Definition • Target Behavior: Ask to Play • Operational Definition: When Tim…

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  • The Aerospace Industry

    1.1 Overview of aerospace industry Globally, 3.57 billion passengers travelled on aeroplanes during 2015 and the demand for air travel is predicted to keep rising.1 As the frequency of air travel is increasing, it places a pressure on the aerospace industry to improve material performance and the efficiency of their transportation.2 Classically aircraft were constructed from metallic materials such as aluminium and titanium. Therefore, new materials must have specific properties and…

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  • Lewis Burwell Puller's Accomplishments

    Puller shipped off to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina in August of 1918. Almost hundred-years later and the Marine Corps is still teaching young Marines about the legendary accomplishments of Chesty Puller. The Navy Cross is awarded for extraordinary heroism and is reserved for members of the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. The second-highest award that can be presented…

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  • Career Goals For Clinical Psychologist

    doctoral degree of PhD and the Licensed Psychologists (LP/HSPP). Licensed Psychologist (LP) or Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP) has had 4 years of graduate training of any clinical work experience and has also passed the EPPP test that is the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology. Besides, The Health Service Provider in Psychology, or known as the HSPP is in charge to supervised the practice of LPs. HSPP is an LP who has got an authorization as HSPP and they can engage in the…

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  • Essay On Mental Status Assessment

    Assessment Report: MAST and the Mental Status Examination A counselor that is meeting with a client should consider the use of assessments. Assessments can be an extremely useful tool. However, the counselor should consider the client’s cultural background and how if the assessment is appropriate to use. During an aspiring counselor’s journey in fieldwork, one may have to use assessments that could benefit the client. An aspiring counselor may use an assessment to assist him or her with…

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  • Dementia Evaluation

    ADL’s (Cordell et al., 2013). When performing a mental status examination appearance, behavior, cognition and thought process need to be addressed. Special attention needs to be paid to level of consciousness, orientation and new learning. New learning is assessed with a four word recall test at 5, 10 and 30 minute intervals. Dementia would be a concern if they could only recall one or two words. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) can be used to assess mental status however it is…

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  • Physical Therapist Career Goals

    get. Narrowing down my list of potential graduate schools and visiting their campuses for admissions workshops will prepare me for what I need to do for those exact colleges that I am very interested in. As I plan on taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) on my junior year, I will begin to prepare for it and continue earning hours for job shadowing. Furthermore, my junior year will consist of finalizing my physical therapy common application service (PTCAS) application, taking the GRE, and…

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  • Example Of My Supervising Teacher

    1. My supervising teacher does an excellent job of creating an environment of respect and rapport. a. My supervising teacher does an excellent job of creating a respectful environment for her students to learn. On my first day of being a teacher aide, the students were saying the pledge of allegiance. However, one student was saying the pledge of allegiance in a funny voice. When the class had finished the teacher stopped and said to the class that making funny noises and voices during the…

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  • Early Nineteenth-Century Gender Roles

    definition of what makes a woman a woman or a man a man was challenged, by certain women who would cross-dress, or have male reproductive organs; this also brings up the question of what defines one’s sexuality. For example, in 1901 a woman by the name of Caroline Hall, dressed up as a man to fit in to contemporary society, and maintained a relationship with a wife (Hoffert 392). This example of cross-dressing, brings up the two issues of gender identification, and sexuality; which were hotly…

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