Reflection On Weighted Average Math

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Weighted Average Math 123
I have designed an Excel sheet providing information over a Psychology 205. This class was graded by homework 10%, quizzes 10%, papers 25%, midterm 25% and final grade 30%. After all the information of the students was provided, the average in general was solved by using the Excel program. The Excel program solved everything, I just typed in the information that was provided and the equation for the program found the solution. It came to the conclusion, that the students final grade came out to be a 77% which gives us a letter grade of a C. Everything is done by Excel, but it is possible to do it on our own. We find the average of each section and then we add them all up.
If the student would have scored higher on
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The professor prefers not to change the grade in percentage, so what other way could we solve and find the average? This is not as hard at it seems. The teacher does not what to do percentages due to how the all are worth different amounts. The first thing that you would divide HW1 by its self, for example 6/10= 0.6, then you would do the same for HW2 and HW3 (0.67,1). After this is done you would add all of them of them, which gives you the solution of 2.27. After they are added you divide it by 3 because that’s how many assessments there are, which gives you a value of 0.7567. After this you want to get the percentage average for the homework assignments, you then multiply 0.765* 100=75.66 which also equals 76%. This is another method in finding the …show more content…
Personally for me every class should have a different weighting scale depending in the most important things. Of course for math, homework is very important due to the practice you have for when the quizzes come up you are able to answer the questions because you already learned it in the lecture in class and practice at home in your homework. In this project I learned how to use the Excel program which was the most importance for this project. I learned to insert the equation in the program and let it do the math for me. I did have an issue when inserting the equations in but in general it was not that hard. It was mostly in following direction. I learned many things that I’m sure will help me out in the future for other

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