The Importance Of Homework In High School Students

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In the world nowaday, everything was pass out very quick and change every day including education. Almost students in United state spent the time about 7-8 hours per day at school, some of them go to work to pay for their college and some join sport after school to get the scholarship. Also, get a lot of homework or project to work on from school. From the research, high school student spends about 1-2 hours per day to do it and also have to spend more time with studying for the quiz or test. CNN new research said that homework can make the student sick cause the stress and also 4300 students from 10 high-performing public and private high schools agree with it. Also, a lot of research combine the education with United State and Finland that show a lot of different and the way that their thinking about having homework for a student. In 2015, BBC just classify the education rank from the country around the world, Finland …show more content…
In Mathematics, students need to be trained to assist in the calculation of the expertise, so the homework is very important. Included the many subjects that require dexterity and precision work. The homework is helped to get better. From the study, in Mathematics is very important to have homework to help in the study because of this subject its requires precision and interpretation problems, so practice will help the lot with it. Homework also shows the responsibility of the student and what they have learned in the class. Perhaps because the teacher might need to know the responsibilities of students. Sometimes the answer does not have to be all correct, it still shows the teacher about how hard that you have tried to get it done. But in some subject, it still not important because it gonna make the student get stress and pressure them a lot. Some student has to keep their grade to get the scholarship or win the competition and having homework will make it

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