Personal Essay: The Importance Of Homework In High School

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In the beginning of high school, I couldn’t understand the importance of handling my responsibilities, especially when it came to my school work. I just couldn’t find the motivation to hand in stuff like homework on time. I actually started to do less and less each school year. I never try to fix my problem because there were never any consequences to it. I would pass all my classes with decent grades with no problems despite ignoring a lot of the work, but then I was called by my English teacher to stay after class. I was missing a lot of homework in his class and of course he wanted me to make it up. He warned me that if didn’t start doing more of my work I would fail his class. I didn’t really panic because the homework was really all I …show more content…
Low grades on test, quizzes, assignment and missing homework were my problem in the class. There was about two more weeks left of the term and had to finish my English work on top of living environment. I knew if I didn’t pass these classes I would fail them both for term, the living environments regents and would have to go to summer school to make it up. Despite my bad habit when it comes to school, I have never been to summer school or even failed a class and I wasn’t going to. I realized I couldn’t put this off like I would have usually done. I had to keep up with upcoming work and past while making sure I didn’t fall back in my other classes. I completed three homeworks a day for English so I’d be finish way before the deadline and for living environment I did the same. There I still and issue that needed to be fixed though my test grades. I began to go to tutoring with my teacher after class to try and make sure I was ready for the regents as well as raise my scores for any remaining test still it didn’t really help. Even though she gave me extra credit for going to tutoring I realized it still wasn’t going to help me pass the regent so I stopped going and decided to study

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