Developmental Psychology: My Lovely Life

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Tannah Doub
Family of Origin Paper
Developmental Psychology
My Lovely Life
Looking back on my life, I’ve realized that in some cases I’ve had it easier than others but also much harder than others as well. My life started out pretty normal, born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. I was born at Wesley Hospital, to my mother Tiffany Shearhod, and my father John Doub III. Both of which loved together at the time off of 55th and Broadway on the corner, in a trailer. For as long as I can remember I lived with them. Then one day after a Christmas party, my dad decided to drive home after he had been drinking. This in turn caused him to get into a car wreck which ended up killing someone. He was sent to prison for 10 years. For those ten years, I went
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During middle school I played track, doing discus and shootout. Both of those took a toll on my knees because I also played softball and soccer. Once into the eighth grade, I thought I met the love of my life… stupid I know. But he and I were together a year and a half. Without him I wouldn’t come to realize just how much I needed to change as a person. He was my first love and the guy I trusted with my life, he ended up cheating on me. Which that was the end of that relationship. But now to this day we are still friends. During my first year of high school, I had three total surgeries. The first one came just three days after starting freshman year. That surgery set me so far back in school that I struggled to keep good grades for the rest of first semester. During the first semester of high school, I was dating a guy that was a senior. He treated me so good, Lays opened the door for me, helped me get around since I was still unable to walk. He treated me like a princess. He taught me that all guys are not the same. Once I was able to walk again things started to go a lot smoother. With the struggles, I had my first semester of freshman year, I realized that I needed to get my butt in gear if I wanted good grades. Once the …show more content…
Then on April fool’s day of freshman year I went in for my second knee surgery on the opposite leg. Then it was back to physical therapy for what seemed like forever. Once that surgery was done and over with and I was all recovered the rest of the year went smoothly. Sophomore year went smooth so nothing outrageous there. Junior year is when things got crazy. I met my son’s dad over Instagram. We hung out and dated a month. The very first time I had sex, I ended up pregnant with his baby. I quickly left him because he was controlling. When I told, him I was pregnant, things went downhill. He had a tom of his friends messaging me calling me every name in the book, and even telling me that I don’t deserve to have a baby because I left him. A lot of the time I kept everything to myself. The first couple weeks of being pregnant were hell, dealing with his friend’s drama. But once I set everything straight they didn’t bother me again. I needed up removing myself from campus and starting online school. That was a big failure on my part. I ended up failing all my classes but one. January of the following semester I started at the Haysville

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