Argumentative Essay: Why Homework Is Important?

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If you asked me two years ago if I thought homework posed as a benefit I would say absolutely not. After graduating elementary school almost four years ago and starting to get real homework, I would disagree. Although it's not my favorite hobby, it remains very valuable in my life and will continue as a part of my life for quite a while. I believe homework exceeds in benefits and can help you on tests, help you learn to manage time and assume more self discipline and can even influence others. To begin, homework grants awards because it helps you on tests. Doing well on tests is important since tests obtain a majority of your final grade. Your final grade determines your GPA which is what colleges look at, along with your final exams which can also be influenced by your homework attempts. Continuing, last week I recieved a test in world history. My teacher gave us plenty of study material but I decided not to use them, I decided I obtained better things to do. Instead when the test arrived I received a much lower score than I knew I was capable of. After talking to my teacher he agreed to let me redo it, and I decided my grade held to much importance to me and that I needed to study this time. I got a 29% higher than last time. I was proud of myself for the higher score but disappointed that I didn't study the first …show more content…
For their “yes” reasons they expressed that family should spend more time together, students need to rest their brains and it gives time for sports. Many people agree with this including Galloway Township, N.J. School which actually banned homework for grades k-6th. For their “no” reasons, they expressed that like athletes, students need to practice skills over the weekend as well as it holds a good time for parents to help with homework. Weekly reader thinks that school should happen five days a week but homework should happen seven. (Weekly Reader 1

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