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  • The Effect Of Single Party Dominance On Malaysia And Singapore's Political System

    many still endorse and thank it for the progress that it has facilitated. The government’s ability to intimidate voters into supporting them while repressing opposition groups explains the PAP’s electoral success over the years (Verweij 29-30). The state has effectively repressed multiple opposition parties like the Singaporean Democratic Party and the Worker’s Party which have called for greater public participation in decision making, an end to media censorship, full restoration of human…

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  • Theme Of Social Inequality In A Worn Path

    Rights and equality for any race, gender, or wealth class defines social justice. Three short stories that symbolize social justice are “Saboteur,” “A Worn Path,” and “The Lesson.” In the story “Saboteur” the antagonist is a police officer who treats the protagonist unjustly. The social justice issue being portrayed is inequality. In contrast, “A Worn Path” is a story of an elderly African-American woman who is on a quest. While on her quest, racism is illustrated as the social issue. Lastly…

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  • War Trash Wu Jin Character Analysis

    After the communist takeover in 1949, China was a new country and at peace within its borders (365). As their stability rose, China decided to take part in the Korean War to aid their communist neighbor North Korea. But China was not as stable as it seemed and instead put the life of young Yu Yuan in danger. The title of Yu Yaun’s story is, War Trash. Jin’s character Yaun experienced the war through the eyes of a Chinese soldier and a captured POW. He experienced China in the perspective of good…

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  • Authoritarianism In Democracy

    Several analysts of democratic systems asserted two causes behind the relative importance of institutional structures, as opposed to society and social organizations for improving the quality of government (Diamond, 2015; Raipone, 1998). Plattner questions the extent to which political institutions effect the apparent difference between governmental influence in the economic sector. Fukuyama (2001) argues the causes of corruption to be a result of the make-up of public institutions, and that it…

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  • Essay On Communism In Vietnam

    psychologically by a history of war. After the Vietnam War, the country crippled under the leadership of the Communist party, the dominant and only political party in the country. The Communist party spreaded its control over every aspect of the country’s citizens and, at the same time, created a pseudo democratic system. The main cause of such corruption is the connection between the Communist Parties of Vietnam and China. While there exists a psychological border between China and Vietnam that…

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  • The Sputnik Generation: An Analysis

    and generate an opinion about their government. After coming to the terms that the communist party was not all that it seemed to be, many turned to religion. Others felt that the Perestroika brought nothing but failures and famines. The Cooperatives forbade those to hired paid help causing the unemployment to skyrocket. For people like Ivanov, the only reason the Perestroika occurred was an excuse for the communist government to seek financial outside form foreign resources. The transition from…

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  • Indian Democracy Essay

    An Analysis of the Historical Development of Successful Democratic Institutions in India The problem of “third world status” has been a major barrier to the development of India as a democratic government throughout the 20th century. British colonialism provided the foundation for a parliamentary system in India, which soon become a means in which Indian nationalism arose and overthrew the occupiers through democratization and popular support. However, over the course of Indian independence in…

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  • Dystopian Literature Themes

    Many humans have aspired to create a utopia, the perfect society. Sir Thomas More, a noted Renaissance humanist, developed the word utopia. Though, many dystopias have emerged from utopias. Oppression is another predicament which exists in the world. Humans have oppressed each other for centuries and it continues to happen to this day. Xenophobia is another issue which exists in the world. Xenophobia is the hate towards foreign people. Many works have been influenced by oppression, xenophobia…

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  • Crows And Sparrows Movie Analysis

    films. In the case of Crows and Sparrows, the tenants choose to rebel against the Hou’s, and metaphorically the class system, in order to fight for the existence of their home. In Yellow Earth, Brother Gu gives Cuiqiao the impetus to join the Communist army by first inducting himself into her home. While the home is not the catalyst for the change, the home is often seen as the starting ground on which change may be discussed and attempted by a group of people. It is no coincidence that the…

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  • Capitalism: The Pros And Cons Of Communism

    After reading about communism, one can truly grasp the differences between a capitalist society, like our own and a Communist one. Communism is defined as "a classless society in which all wealth and property would be owned by the community as a whole" (Ellis 210). Researching the founders, history and main characteristics of communism could certainly open the eyes of a close-minded believer of capitalism. Communism was founded by Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels during the second half of the…

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