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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of China's Son By Da Chen

    China’s Son, written by Da Chen, is a fascinating memoir about his own childhood. He not only created a beautiful memoir, but he showed how you can form a subtle, yet powerful life changing event. When Da Chen was young, he lived in southern communist China, 1962. In his childhood Da’s family was mistreated in many ways. But until one faithful day, he would have no idea about how his family was mistreated, or why his mother wouldn’t let him play outside. After this…

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  • Music And Politics: The Communist Party

    very deeply. At the tail end of the colonial era of India, as the Communist Party was gaining a footing and creating a cultural movement, the Communists used music as a way of spreading their politics and reaching out to the peasant folk. This was a very troubling, uncertain period for the people of India, with wars, famine, riots, and the eventual independence and partitioning of the region. In this difficult period, the Communist Party arrived, seemingly reaching down, helping to pull the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Communism

    If you look at a world map today, you will see an overwhelming majority of countries implementing capitalist ideals and many of them have become very successful. However, very few still apply communist ideals, in contrast to the many countries who tried such forms of government in the 20th century. It is my belief that although communism may not be a bad idea all together, it is still a flawed system that cannot work, and a free market system is better. One reason Communism does not work is…

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  • Abuse Of Power In George Orwell's '1984'

    This quote gives us a dark and miserable look at just how manipulative Big Brother and his Party can be. Before Winston had gone through this torture he believed that the only thing that the party couldn't control was the inner workings of the human brain. However after this quote we see just how horrible the party can be. They were able to find Winston's weakness and exploit them so that he had no choice but to conform to what the party wanted. He was broken down as a man and had lost all of…

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  • Serial Killer Scenarios

    There are about 282 million rural migrant workers in China, making up more than one third of the working population of China (DongFang, 2017). Every household in China have to register based on a system that was formally introduced by the Communist government in 1958 (DongFang, 2017). The majority of these jobs are low-paid jobs in manufacturing, construction and service work. On average, they would spend 25.2 days a month working, and 8.7 hours each day. The vast majority would work around…

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  • He Was One Of The World's Greatest Narcissist

    This person died recently, and I believe he was one of the world’s largest narcissist. He was convinced that he was superior to others. He looked at most people as a threat to himself. He was not one to be criticized or spoken ill about. If he thought that you were a threat, he would make you go away. As he remained in charge, he became more convinced that he was the ultimate ruler. Again, if you did not agree with his views you were made to go away, whether it was an exile, prison, or death.…

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  • Cuba After Fidel Castro Death Analysis

    ruling and transform into a democratic state or, will it continue in its’ current status as a one party communist government? The United States long tourism ban to Cuba had recently been partially lifted “ make educational visits...” (Hirschfeld Davis and Burnett, p. A6), as was commerce restrictions which permits, “Cuban citizens to earn a salary in the United States and make it easier for dollars to be used in financial transactions with United States…

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  • Essay On Influential Figures

    account, it gives a good example of how life was like for the average person. Normally political officials understand the theories and ideologies of the laws and movements, while the people are actually affected by the movements and their accounts states how life was actually like instead of propaganda for or against the current…

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  • Confucianism And Communism In China

    within Confucianism is to achieve harmony between Heaven and Earth, so Confucians do not treat Tian like an all powerful God like other religions have. Communist ideals do not allow for society to believe in religion, but more specifically in a god. In Confucianism there is no god, therefore under Communism it is acceptable. Vladimir Lenin, Communist leader from Russia said, “We do not believe in God” (Lenin). Confucianism did not have a god, and it was not a religion either. “The words…

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  • Sino-Soviet Union Case Study

    the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) during the period of the Cold War. During the Cold War both the USSR and China was the largest communist nation in the entire world. The split between the USSR and the PRC was the first and most serious confrontation to arise in the communist world at that time. The growing tension between these two large communist country by the late 50’s led to theirs separations .The separation between the PRC and the USSR has many factors that contributed to the…

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