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  • Compare And Contrast The Nationalist Revolution And The Chinese Revolution Of 1911

    principal is based off of his travels to Europe and America where the uneven distribution of wealth caused “the instability of their economic structure and the deep concern of their leaders in grouping for a solution.” The solution to this problem was state ownership thus livelihood equaled socialism to the 1920s revolution. This document summarizes the three driving forces behind the 1920s Nationalist Revolution: Nationalism, a desire for democracy,…

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  • Worldview In Arthur Koestler's Darkness At Noon

    system in which the government has total control over social, economic and political life, specifically that of the Soviet Union under Stalin. Koestler describes two specific worldviews, that of the older generation and that of the new generation of communist party members. Using the novel Darkness at Noon, the worldview of the older generation in comparison to the new generation through characters such as Ivanov and Gletkin, Wassilijl and his daughter, and…

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  • Hidden Transcript Analysis

    Public transcripts are characterized by the state sanctioning of certain idealized forms of action that citizens should take, and are demonstrated in social norms of politeness, parades, and holidays. Hidden transcripts are characterized by the private critiques of the official transcripts and are put into action through rumors, gossip, ritualistic aggression and the creation of autonomous space form the oppressed population. Coded transcripts are the attempts of people to ascertain how…

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  • The Role Of Communism In Animal Farm

    dramatic uproar of violence than the harsh characteristics of communism. Additionally, democracy provides citizens with natural human rights, which are not offered in communism. In a democracy, citizens are all truly equal under the law. Whereas, communist leaders are adamant about their principles. Though communism has advantages, its lack of safety, freedom, and treatment of individuals, prove why democracy is a more competent…

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  • Gender Of Memory Analysis

    remembrance of 1949 to the modern period through the lens of intersectional identities in rural China. This is done primarily the implication of rural existence, poverty, womanhood, parenthood, and the shifting societal values under the rule of the Party-state. The transition from the end of the pastoral and "feudal" way of life is markedly altered by identity with the ushering in of the 1950s and Party politics. The gendered aspects of society contributed to only one facet of women’s…

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  • Pros And Cons Of A Democratic Government

    Theory Development can only happen if the government stands behind their citizens, whether that be a democratic government or not, is the argument explored for this paper. I say this with confidence as all of the countries that I have observed, it seems to be the case that a strong government can hold a nation together. It is a general trend that a proper and strong development of any country happens when a government shifts to a more democratic regime.You take any of the East Asian…

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  • Analysis Of Rubashov's Darkness At Noon

    The ability to determine fact from fiction is one that is relegated to those who hold the power, especially within a communist nation. Throughout Darkness at Noon, Rubashov demonstrates the Party’s inability to make mistakes, a trait that also existed throughout the Soviet Union during the communist rule. The Party holds complete control over the people who believe in its cause and a members of the organization, whatever the Party says is what is accepted. By being in control of so many people…

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  • Theme Of Communism In Paradise Of The Blind

    teenager in the mid-1960, she joined the Communist Party, serving as the leader of a Communist youth brigade. In the early 1980’s, there was a major shift in her temperament and beliefs about the role of Communism in her country and was expelled from the Vietnamese Communist Party in 1989. Huong’s novel included criticism of the communist government and was banned to be published in Vietnam. In Huong’s Paradise of the Blind, she mocks the actions of the communist authorities towards the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

    can do this is by holding a brokered convention. Such a convention can consist of many ballots voted on by the delegates of the party. However rule 40 of this process states that only candidates who have received the majority in the primaries in 8 states can go on the ballot, which only Trump and Ted Cruz have done. Also, rule 16 states that in the first ballot, delegates already pledged during the primaries are bound to vote for the same candidate again (Melber). Although highly unlikely, if…

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  • Role Of Interest Groups In Democracy

    The United States is a democracy which means, it is a system of government where members ruled directly. Democracy is important to the U.S because this form of government provides freedom to its citizens. This form of government encourages political parties and interest groups to help with the policymaking process. A political party is a group of political people who operate the government with elections and determine public policy. Public policy is unwritten principles in regards to social…

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