Colonial Revival architecture

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  • Nasif Historical House

    Similar to many historical buildings in Europe and around the world, building facades are of special interest in Historic Jeddah, as the details of windows, balconies, stonework and ornaments give each historic building its individual character (Böhm et al., 2007). Indeed, the historic district of Jedda has a long history that goes back to since 3000 years ago. This historic destorct includes several heritage buildings “around 600”. These heritage monument have been constructed since 350 years…

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  • Case Study: Cal Poly

    immediately think of when one mentions our school, Architecture. In 2014, Cal Poly was named the number one Undergraduate Architecture program in the nation, beating out other esteemed universities such as Cornell and USC. Rome was not built overnight however, so one may ask, “When did Cal Poly become such a great Architecture school?” How did a school focused mainly on Agriculture and Engineering become one that is synonymous nowadays with Architecture? The answer is simple, and it lies in a…

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  • Architecture Synthesis Essay

    planned by architects. Historically, architects have existed since the beginning of time, from the Megalithic Temples to the Stonehenge buildings were made to contribute to society. Some of the most recognized groups in history were known for their architecture such as the Mayans and the Incans. Architects have the ability to make a huge impact on society. Buildings like the iconic Empire State Building that has masses of meaning to New York were built and designed by architects. Without the…

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  • Irrational Tectonic Definition

    tectonic is based on the logic of culture and technology, which means craftsmanship inherits the predecessors form or skill and combine with their contemporary technology to build the architecture. Kenneth Frampton brings this idea of rational tectonic in his book, Studies in Tectonic Culture. For now, most architecture almost unify by the same tectonic to achieve high efficiency of construction or the value of space. However, Irrational Tectonic is the different way for some…

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  • In The Cause Of Architecture Analysis

    Part II- Frank Lloyd Wright “A good plan is the beginning and the end, because every good plan is organic. That means that its development is inherent and inevitable”- Frank Lloyd Wright, “In the Cause of Architecture” Le Corbusier was redistributing his city with an emphasis on the center of the city and on the complete other end of the spectrum Frank Lloyd Wright was eliminating the city center completely. Broadacre City was detailed in Wright’s 1932 book The Disappearing City. The book was…

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  • Utopian Architecture Vs Urban Architecture

    apartments in every single building, along with open facilities on the ground floor and roof. Due to the costing of steel production after the war economy, the Unité d’Habitation was constructed of exposed concrete and indicated the arrival of Brutalism architecture. This typology, which proved an answer to the after the war housing deficiency, was further changed around the world in countless housing…

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  • Ornamentation In Architecture

    ornamentation, which is the meaning of ornamentation today, and at the end, I am going to share my own thoughts about ornaments. Ornamentation, which is the state of decorating an object, a room, or a building, is one of the visual elements in architecture and design. People started ornamenting their caves, homes, and objects even before history was recorded. For that, no one knows when and where did people start ornamenting, and how did the idea of ornamenting come to their mind. However,…

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  • Michael Camille Image On The Edge Analysis

    other Clarissan convents. She argues that as it became more important for women to be able to view the liturgy, specifically the Eucharist, it was necessary to move the choir for sisters to enhance their access to it. She discusses how convent architecture was often designed in a way to enclose and seclude the sisters from not only the laity, but also the male clergy. Thus, architectural changes had to be made to allow the sisters of the Clarissan order to see but not be…

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  • My Professional Work Experience Essay

    The first encounter I’ve had with Architecture was during the Art class I took in my last year of high school where we were introduced to several art movements that had an influential role in changing the art scene. The movement that immediately captured my attention, however, was Cubism because it rejected the tired traditions of western art and introduced abstract art. This interest guided me to researching online and realizing Cubism spread beyond art to influence design and architectural…

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  • The Manhattan Transcripts Analysis

    different reading of architecture in which space, movement, and events are independent, yet stand in a new relation to one another so that the conventional components of architecture are broken down and rebuilt along different axes. “ “While the programs used for ‘The Manhattan Transcripts’ are of the most extreme nature, they also parallel the most common formula plot: the archetype of murder. Other phantasms are occasionally used to underline the fact that perhaps all architecture, rather than…

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