Indian Architecture Essay

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Indian architecture form the base of Indian culture which explain the Indian culture itself. Indian architecture encompasses a multitude in the form of expression of space and time creating new ideas. Most of architecture found in Indus valley Civilisation are considered to be the better planned cities and houses and other livable architecture. Indian architecture are classified as temple architecture, fort architecture and housing architecture. There are architectures where the artist were told to make idols of god and goddess and various other stone architecture. The wonders of Indian architecture are found in caves architecture of Ajanta and Ellora and the monumental Sanchi Stupa, Chennakesava Temple at belur, The Hoysaleswara temple at …show more content…
There is a difference between the daily food and festival food in Indian culture. Indian Cuisine clearly shows the Indian culture with its walk of life and the dignity shared to be natural and co-existing with eco-system which shows knowledge, culture and expression of love. Indian food various with every 25 Kms, providing a great variety in the choice of food in today’s culture. Milk is consider a main ingredient in the Indian culture along with rice and curries. Most of the Indian food item were lactic and hence cow are worshiped in the culture since it becomes the next mother to provide the lactic after the mother. Indian culture dictates a particular time to enjoy the meals and a great care and planning is taken to prepare. Indian system believe in senses and taste and these tastes to be enjoyed to eat and realize the food. Indian scripture explains how and when to eat the proper meals. Indian food system is more sustainable and it dedicates that food to be consumed as per the requirements, rather than just eating too exercise or too less. Indian food culture belong in eating nutritious for the growth of health and be healthy. Mostly Indian food is vegetarian which includes vegetables, fruits, cereals and lactic products. In Indian place is know for its specialty for food and its typical eating atmosphere.
Indian cuisine can be classified into five categories as northern, southern, eastern, western and north eastern, every place there region the flavor and method of preparation varies based on the available spices and herbs. Indian cuisine specific utensils for vegetarian and other food items. Certain food items required particular cleanness, utensils and other

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