Rickley Cottage Case Study

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The purpose of this project is to develop an outline for the construction process necessary to complete the remodeling of the Rickley cottage. The outline will provide information of essential resources, a schedule of the project consisting of deliverables and tasks. The outline will guide contractors through the remodeling of the Rickley cottage. This will make sure the project is completed on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of our client.

The project will include gathering information, architectural design plans, materials list and required permits. Communicating updates with architects, venders, contractors, Mr. Rickley, the Island Home Club (IHC) and other stakeholders. The project will incorporate the interests of all stakeholders
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• The second phase of construction in the Spring of 2019. The established deliverables have been scheduled based off the assumptions and constraints. Any changes due to weather is outside the scope guidelines. Furthermore, Changes to materials or the architectural design that effect the scheduled deliverable dates are outside the scope guidelines.

The Problem:
The foundation of the cottage has deteriorated over time. In addition, the size of the house in inadequate for the size of their family. The location, seasonal restrictions, zoning, scheduling and distance Mr. Rickley lives from the cottage has made it difficult to coordinate all the aspects of this project. The completion of this project requires closer proximity to the projects location.

From the information and expectations provided by George R. Rickley the following objectives have been created.
The objectives are as follows:
• Develop a schedule of deliverables that align with predetermined delivery dates.
• Provide all necessary documentation for stakeholders.
• Obtain all necessary vendors and contractors information.
• Solve the issue of delivering the materials to Five
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Architect, Engineer, Building inspector, IHC, Contractors, Vendors and PM. February 2018 Develop architectural design. Deliver final set of plans by January 2019.
Building materials George R. Rickley and Vendors, JBI and PM. April 2018 Select building materials and method of delivery in September 2019
Contractor Selection George R. Rickley, Contractors, delivery company and IHC and PM. July 2018 Research contractors and select appropriate contractors
Construction Schedule George R. Rickley, Contractors, delivery company, vendors and PM. August 2018 Develop schedule for construction process.
Debris Removal Contractors, Vendors, George R Rickley, Georgetown residents, IHC and PM. July 2018 Solve of removing debris.
Demolition/site prep. George R. Rickley, Contractors and vendors, JBI, IHC, Building inspector, Georgetown Residents and PM. September 2018 Begin required demolition and site preparation for reconstruction.
Fall Remodeling George R. Rickley, Contractors and vendors, delivery company, IHC, Building inspector and PM. September 2018 Get exterior of the house completed for the winter.
Foundation Contractors and PM. September 2018 Build new foundation/repair

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