Colonial architecture in the United States

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  • Modernism In Latin America

    Successful modern architectures have been survived throughout the world. Those architectures were adapted themselves to new circumstances so-called ‘region’ Since First World War, global modernism had a big impact on the Latin America. Modernism has become the dominant global movement. Not only modern architecture appears European cities and United States, but also a lot of Latin America cities have started have modern style of architectures. It was not familiar to area where they have their own…

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  • Spanish Influence On American Society

    The Spanish have influenced the society of the United States of America in a number of ways and are most certainly one of the most impactful groups to many aspects of the society that has now been established. This influence stems back to centuries ago when the Spaniards were at the peak of their empire. Their strongest years would be from 1500 to 1720, when the Spaniards were in the midst of their conquistador era and dominated many territories (Macleod 374). People of Spanish descent make up…

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  • African American Influence On Caribbean Culture

    Cuba. The Caribbean island is also known for its rolling mountains, natural beauty, idyllic architecture, and vibrant history. Spaniards began colonizing in Cuba after Christopher Columbus discovered the island in 1492. As Spanish and African immigrants settled into the new land, they brought with them their distinct cultures, traditions, and history. After gaining formal independence from the United States in 1902, Cuba became a fusion of diverse cultures. The country today is the second…

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright Organic Architecture

    my research of everything architecture, specifically in America, I discovered many iconic architecture works and architects that created a legacy…

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  • Cultural Assimilation

    being England, France and Spain. Each established colonies in what was then a “new world”. The inherent separation of these colonies was a key factor in the establishment of colonial identities. Each of the settling nations had an established culture which they brought over from Europe- social customs, currency, architecture and more. These differences would serve as a means to divide the settlements until one power gained control of the entire coast. As English settlement expanded, it became…

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  • American Craftsman Home Analysis

    Widely considered the apotheosis of Craftsman architecture, their most well-known work is the 1908 Gamble House in Pasadena, home of the Greene brothers’ practice from 1893 to 1914. As explained by architectural historian Teresa Grimes, the Gamble House “exemplified the ideals of handcrafted materials…

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  • La Frontera By Gloria Anzaldúa Analysis

    In Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera, the question of home is always close at hand. Questions such as what does it mean to be home and what is a home are constantly circulating throughout the text and tend to haunt the Mestiza body as a raced, foreign, and oriental body. She writes that “…in leaving home I did not lose touch with my origins because lo mexicano [emphasis original] is in my system. I am a turtle, wherever I go I carry ‘home’ on my back.” This is a crucial interjection…

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  • South Asian Migration

    Questioning Identity: Examining the Historiography of South Asian Immigrants The historiography on South Asian immigration to the United States needs to be further developed because it is extremely under-developed. While the story of their immigration to America does not follow the popular narrative of other American-bound immigrants, in which most came to straight to the United States and settled, there is no excuse for their historiography and all its unique facets remaining unexplored. The…

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  • 18th Century Conquistadors

    weapons. A positive effect of the conquistadors going into the New World was the exploration of the Americas, as well as the new riches brought back to Europe. Another positive effect was that this led to the colonization of the Americas, and the United States being formed. A negative effect was that the natives of the area were killed and driven out during and after the conquistadors were in the Americas, which led to the Trail of Tears when the US expanded with thoughts of Manifest Destiny…

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  • Racism And The Superiority Complex In John Donne's No Man Is An Island

    2942271 English 1301-81043 Professor King October 25, 2016 Racism and the Superiority Complex As said by John Donne in his poem No Man is an Island, “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.” Racism is an “island” that isolates one from their fellow human beings. What is racism? Why does the concept of racism exist? What role does the need for superiority play in the way we as humans interact with others around us? How does one’s superiority complex cause…

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