Victorian Gothic Style

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Victorian era was also a time of great signification for the political system. When Victorian reign took place, the first prime minster is she appointed was Whig politician Viscount Melbourne although the Whigs had a great influence in the British politics during 1860s, they were still sidelined by the liberal party. Edward Smith Stanley of the Whig was the last prime minster who resigned in 1868 and after that politics of England was dominated by the liberals and conservative party. At a time when England was evolving politically and socially Queen Victorian close attention went to the daily business and administration such as legislation passed in the era included Mines Act (1842), The education Act (1870), The public Health and Artisan’s …show more content…
Designers were free to combine the styles to create several different well-know styles. As a result there are few Victorian homes that look the same.
Ideas from Gothic Style may have started the Victorian style but the revolution if the industry such as steam powered sawmills that could create elaborate materials cheaper and faster. As a result Victorian homes became more ornate and even lower income families could afford trim and patterns to make their home into “folk Victorians”
Prince Albert was a keen supporter of Arts and London blossomed under his patronage with the building of the Royal Albert Hall, The royal Opera House, The science Museum, The National History Museum and The Victorian and Albert Museum.
Interior furniture of that era was solid and lasting: people took chairs, chests; cupboard and bedroom furniture which served several generations from old homes and later completed their furnishing in newer styles. The household furniture became mixed designers rather used and modified many styles taken from different time periods like Gothic, Tudor, Elizabethan; English rococo, Neoclassical and other. The most common styles of furniture during this time were gothic and

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