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Southern Gothic Essay Southern Gothic is a subgenre of Gothic fiction that takes place in the American South. Southern Gothic was shaped by exploring the south and criticizing the moral blindness. There are many traits that come about in Southern Gothic like Unrequited love, Good vs evil, and race. With my class I have read “ A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” by Flannery O'connor and “A Rose For Emily.’by Shirley Jackson.
In “A Good Man Is Hard To Find”, It’s a short story that in the story the grandma convinces herself and her family that she is good . I'm going to explain two traits that stuck out to me the most in this story. Good vs evil is between the grandmother and the Misfit who is a convicted killer and the grandmother who has a sense of goodness and a criminal who embodies real evil. Society and class would be another one. The
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I'm going to be talking about two traits, the first one is disturbed personality. Miss Strangeworth looked like an innocent old lady who was just proud of her own town but she had a secret. No one really expected her to write letters. It seem like rather a normal town rather than a place of evil. She tells us many of times how she wants to protect her town from evil. “It Was Miss Strangeworth duty to keep her own town alert to it. There were so many wicked people in the world and only one Strangeworth left in the town. Besides, Miss Strangeworth liked writing her letters.” This quote shows that Miss Strangeworth felt like she was doing a good thing, but it also says that she liked writing her letters. Which also makes her think the town is her responsibility. The other trait is high class she think because she came from a high class family that everyone had to be like her. These two traits show that Miss Strangeworth is blind to the fact that it is not her duty to protect

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