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  • Personal Narrative-Calorie-Free Macarons

    been a state or region). Shops began to close as we pleured over impending AP tests and finals. And we cursed the rains that left us damp for the half an hour train ride home from Versailles, but desperately trying to dry our clothes and hair with a single travel hair dryer shared between six girls proved to be more memorable, through singed sweaters and shorted-out adapters. Dancing around the bathroom made to uncomfortably fit one person with all six of us jostling for a prime view of the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Solar Energy

    An airport is a great place to find lines of people that do nothing but have their heads glued to their phones while waiting for their flight. Sadly, I am of those mindless zombies, who sits at the tables with the provided charging ports with my phone in hand and my face staring blankly down at the screen. Often when I am in that position, I find myself scanning the environment to see people scramble in a rush to plug their phones in before it hit 0%. When I see people perform such actions, I…

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  • Essay About Moving School

    though. I originally thought I hadn’t attended preschool, but my mother attest differently. She says we lived in Minnesota during this time. We moved not long after I finish preschool to Hemet in California due to my health and needing to be in a dryer climate. I also attended kindergarten there, but was unable to finish the full year in school. I required too much medication and the school was unable to have me there. I finished the last few months in home…

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  • Effects On Minimum Wage

    basically put one in debt, because the cost of getting a cold was simply not in the budget. A family with two breadwinners and four dependent children testified that “At the end of the week, I still don’t have enough money to put food on the table or clothes on kids’ back, buy them shoes or school supplies,” (Maxie- Collins , 3). This woman working at Macy’s for $8.25 says that if it wasn’t for government assistance (EBT Food stamps) She couldn’t put food on the table every night. So what…

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  • Essay On Water Footprint

    Can’t think of one? Don’t worry I can help! Since many of us have washer, dryers, even dishwashers try not to start them until they are completely full this will save water since you are cleaning everything at once instead of doing a few different cycles with less items in them. A standard wash cycle uses around forty five gallons…

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  • Trip Alone To Chicago: A Short Story

    Trip alone to chicago for the summer. I will never forget the summer I got to spend 3 weeks in Cicero with my Bestfriend. We were waiting for this moment for a while to get to spend more time over there and explore a lot more things. I've been there before many times,but only for hours not days. Also we never really got the chance to Roam around downtown and see the big buildings and lights and eat all the yummy food, just me and my best friend so this time was different. I saved…

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  • Reflective Essay: How Race Has Shaped My Life

    One of the most important identities to me is my blackness. As far back as I can remember I knew I was black and was very aware of the meaning of that. I went to a majority-minority middle, and high school, I live in an all-black neighborhood and, of course, I live in an all black household. For most of my life, I have mostly been around black people and people of color, so just going to school with majority white people is definitely a different experience. Race has shaped my life because…

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  • Immigrant Voices Volume 2 Summary

    Throughout the narratives in Immigrant Voices: Volume II, authors illustrate the immense responsibilities and expectations placed upon those in the intersecting positions of immigrant and mother. In these narratives, immigrant mothers act as not a monolithic category, but as a collection of individuals who must work to maintain their families, their heritage, and their dignity in an environment which encourages them to fail. Through Americanization, cultural celebration, monetized stereotypes,…

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  • Essay On Hair Dying

    dye with pneumonia. Pneumonia can damage your hair and make it extremely fragile and fuzzy. After you have purchased your hair dye and you 're ready to start dying its time to prepare your hair. You should always start with fresh, dry hair. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting messed up. You should have your neck, shoulders, and chest as covered as possible. During the dying process, if you get hair dye on any surface wipe it off as soon as possible. Hair dye can and will stain almost…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between New England And Southern Colonies

    follow Puritan rules. This resulted in the formation of Rhode Island by Roger Williams. Williams argued for separation of the church and state and was banished and formed Rhode Island for Massachusetts dissenters. Then followed Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dryer who argued against the “elect” that were chosen to have power in the community and a “free pass” into heaven by God Himself. Hutchinson was then also banished to Rhode Island in 1638. The “Half-Way Covenant” was established in 1662 that…

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