My Aspiration In Life Essay

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My aspiration in life is to travel and to discover the world. I want to see all sorts of places like the pyramids in Egypt to the Taj Mahal in India to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. In order to do so, I must plan for it accordingly as the tiniest detail like finances would determine where and when can I travel. For example, if I had enough funds, then I could vacation a summer in Italy. Then again, it all depends on how much I have. Money is such a key factor in my life that it affects not just my objectives, but my daily life as well, and because of that, it also shows how important money management and savings can be.
Throughout my life, different people have different advice about money management- ranging from setting goals to budgeting
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To this day, I am careful how I spend my earnings since I do not receive a considerable amount income. For example, if I want to spend a weekend with my friends and go shopping, then I must save up to buy some nice clothes and some good food. It makes such an enjoyable moment when I do because all the hard work paid off. I am not overly focused on the now as I have made decisions about money that extends far into my future. Next year, I plan to attend to IU Bloomington, and I made this decision mainly because in-state tuition is cheaper than going out state and the fact it has the best business school. With that decision, there are costs to think about- not including tuition. I plan to lessen the debt by doing as many scholarships I can and saving wages from the job to pay anything else such as books and housing. And to think that this is only a step in my plan as I accomplish my degree in marketing and thrive as an adult. All the lessons I learned establish an easier to way to choose wiser decisions concerning money. As I grow, I will continue to learn more about money management whether that is through trial or error or through people’s advice. What I learn does shape my life, and so I take the lessons in seriousness. It will stick with me that money management helps determine wiser decisions, and saving is a useful advantage. By following them, I can achieve my goals of going to university and getting a diploma while not too deep in debt and farther in my future. In any case, money management has impacted my life now and in my

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