Personal Finance For Teenagers And College Students By Tamsen Butler

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There are many reasons on why saving and budgeting is great to have. Knowing how to finance money is important and many people don 't know how to begin or when. In the book, Personal Finance for teenagers and college students By Tamsen Butler the author explains many ways to create a personal finance. This book is recommended for everyone but mostly concentrates in teenagers and college students. Throughout the book the reader can gain more knowledge on maintaining a budget they wish or a savings account to start and so much more. The book is made up of 12 chapters, and in each chapter it consists of examples on the topic of the chapter. This book gives many advices on how to avoid and prevent financial errors like debts and late payments or even quick tips like links where to find certain information. Through the creativity of this book the reader can now be one step closer to a successful path being financially stable. Reading the book made me realize if I had a goal to achieve and I did. My long term goal is to buy a $10,000 car by January 2020. I would need to track and budget my money in order to accomplish my goal.
The first step to accomplish my long-term goal is to determine my current financial status by tracking down my monthly expenses. Butler states, “Keeping an accurate spending log will reveal to you if you actually spend money like you think you do” (121). Having a spending log will help me track what I’m actually buying every month. It will also help me be…

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