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  • A Comparison Of Divinities In Homer's Odyssey

    The Use and Abuse of the Chosen: A Comparison of Divinities in the Torah and the Odyssey The Torah and Homer’s Odyssey offer two different lenses through which to understand the varying connotations of the word “use.” For different reasons, the Torah’s God and the Greek gods use and test their chosen people. In the Torah, God’s people are chosen to serve Him; in service to Him, they better their lives. God’s people are His focus. He acts more out of love and care for them than out of…

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  • Pope Francis 'Theology Of Encounter'

    1.4. The ‘Theology of Encounter’ according to Pope Francis Christians should develop a ‘theology of encounter’. They can encounter God in the world specifically in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, and in other sacraments, in scripture, in the created universe, and in the community in which they live. My focus here is to encounter God in the sacrament of Matrimony. The word ‘encounter’ is a favorite word of Pope Francis. He used 32 times in his apostolic exhortation, “the Joy of the…

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  • Zwingli's Theory Of Predestination Essay

    contains the fulfilment. The moral law is continuous from the old covenant to the new. A characteristic of Calvinism was to underscore the importance of morality, ethics, holiness of life, and strict discipline. Calvin said the fundamental rule for Christian living is self-denial. In our relationship to God, we should submit to the will of God, seeking to do His will. In relationship to others, we should not seek to please ourselves but to serve…

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  • Orientation Of Christ

    Of all the events in human history, there is no event more significant, more important than that of the incarnation of Christ. When the living, eternal God, a Spirit Being, entered into humanity by becoming a human Himself. Of this instance of God entering into humanity, Chafer writes, “No human mind can grasp the significance of the occurrence and consequence of the incarnation. That a person of the Godhead should become one of the human family-the sphere of His own creation-with a view to…

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  • King Solomon 3-22 Analysis

    I Kings 3-22 Solomon has a dream where God asks him what his heart desires. Solomon responds to God by asking for wisdom to discern what is right, so God provides him a wise and discerning mind. King Solomon is in a secure position with his kingdoms and his territory keeps expanding along with his wealth and fame. During Solomon reign he writes proverbs which appeals to people of all nations including Kings. Hiram, the king of Tyre and King Solomon enter into a trade agreement of…

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  • Christianity And Lutheranism

    Since the beginning of Lutheranism, there has been great strife and conflict between the Christian church (primarily the Lutherans and Catholics). This strife often gets in the way of the true goal of Christianity (to bring those who do not believe in the gospel message to Christ). The Catholics and the Lutherans are different denominations of the same religion of Christianity. Many people that are not members of either denomination can confuse the two. While both are similar in some ways they…

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  • Power Of God Through Abinadi Analysis

    The Power of God Through Abinadi The story of Abinadi is one of the most intriguing lessons taught in the Book of Mormon. From teaching the priests about the ten commandments to being burned alive by the order of King Noah, Abinadi never denied the spirit nor the power of God. Throughout the few scriptures of Mosiah, we are taught detailed information from the Law of Moses, ten commandments, and Jesus Christ’s atonement and resurrection. Abinadi prophesied that Christ is both the Father and the…

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  • Pazzi Chapel At Santa Croce: Architectural Analysis

    a meaningful connection to the church to which the chapel is attached, the Basilica of the Holy Cross. The Pazzi Chapel’s Christian iconographic application of Roman design themes originally associated with pagan worship shows how Brunelleschi and later Italian Renaissance architects such as Bramante adopted the techniques and appeal of antiquity to serve the needs of Christian…

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  • Theo 60250: Martyrdom Analysis

    its prominence during the third and fourth centuries, lasted for approximately 300 years under many different rulers. Emperors were intolerant toward Christianity and responded by putting Christians on trial, asking them to deny their faith or lose their life. The Christian martyrs who clung to their Christian faith showed the Spirit at work with their depth of discipleship. Similar to the martyrdom of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Perpetua, and Felicity, Saint Polycarp exemplified themes of…

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  • The King Jesus Did Jesus Preach Paul's Gospel

    The King Jesus Gospel gets right to the point, we live in a salvation culture world. We need the Gospel culture to return. The true Gospel is Jesus, His story, which is every story. The story of the Bible and Scripture does not exist without Jesus. The story of Israel is completed in Jesus. In the beginning was God, He made a temple, we call it Earth. He made mankind to govern this temple, we failed. The first Adam fell, he was unable to fulfill his purpose. Throughout history many others…

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