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  • Essay On Substitutionary Atonement

    Joseph of Arimathea, who was a follower of Jesus and a member of the council asked Pilate for Jesus’ body to be released to him so that they could put it to rest before sundown when the Sabbath started. He wrapped Jesus body in linen cloth and placed it in a tomb that was cut into stone then rolled a large stone against the entrance of the tomb. Some of Jesus’ female followers had followed Joseph to the tomb and saw where Jesus was laid to rest. They went home to prepare spices and observe the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dream At The University Of Vernon Hill

    The view from the top of Vernon Hill, a low-income neighborhood in Worcester, MA, is reflective of both of my lineage and my current identity with aspirational career goals. It is also the scene in the opening paragraph of my book that connects my family history with my professional ambitions. My personal story inspires my academic hopes of becoming a lawyer who fights for the underprivileged and helps create access to educational opportunities for them. As Irish immigrants with limited…

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  • My Core Values In Making Decisions

    Core values that influence making decisions My first core value is that what I create must align with scripture. Scripture is infallible in the sense that its authority and power come from the Holy Spirit who is God. Because it is inspired by the spirit is lets the reader become more like God by knowing him. Further, scripture is completely true because it was inspired by God who cannot and will not lie. Thus, programs that are based on scripture expose others the only full truth that exists…

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  • The Apostles Creed Analysis

    and politics. A Creed has been described as an expression that elaborates on essential Biblical truths, with an attempt to try and encapsulate scripture (Bromiley, 1984, pp283), leading to the definition of a Creed as, “a concise statement of Christian doctrine” (Fahlbusch, 1998, pp727). However, it seems some consider this widely accepted definition is arbitrary and slightly…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Existence Of God

    hear. As a Christian, when being asked about my religion in my future career, I will be able to boldly defend what I believe from people who are against it. Just understanding the doctrine of creation and God involvement in it can help me explain to unbelievers who he is? why he still exists? and why we believe in him? According to Gene Edward Veith, “the doctrine of vocation shows Christians to how to live out their faith in the world.” He states that the vocation is a way for Christians to let…

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  • Summary Of John Wesley's Thoughts On Slavery

    He bases his account for Christian perfection on Mark 12:30-31, to "love the Lord your God with all of your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is: Love your neighbor as yourself.” Wesley describes that sinless perfection allows a Christian to “feel constant peace, joy, and love,” instead of trying harder not to sin. He helps the reader understand how to find…

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  • Creature Of The Word Analysis

    In Creature of the Word, authors Chandler, Patterson, and Geiger set out to uncover what it means to be a church captivated by the Gospel. The Gospel, as defined by the authors, is, “God’s reconciling work in Christ-that through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, God is making all things new both personally for those who repent and believe, and cosmically as He redeems culture and creation from its subjection to futility” (7,8). Chapter one begins with the claim that the church as a…

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  • Nature Of Humankind

    The Nature of Humankind What is the nature of humankind? The famous American philosopher, Henry Miller, once stated “Man has demonstrated he is master of everything – except his own nature.” The nature of humankind is certainly a concept that is very controversial and even difficult to fully understand. Most believe that the nature of humans is sinful, that we are naturally sinners. This concept derives from various texts, many which are found within the bible. They all give different…

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  • Summary Of Paul's Letter To The Romans

    In his letter to the Romans, Paul’s use of Old Testament events and illustrations proclaimed the glory of Jesus Christ by encouraging and teaching believers how to obtain righteousness through faith. Jesus’ death on the cross fulfilled the prophecy of the Law so that all who believed would receive justification through faith. This research paper focuses on how Paul presented God’s covenant through Abraham’s submissive trust and enduring obedience, to help both the Jew and the Gentiles interpret…

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  • Pilgrim's Progress Book Report

    the story of a man named Christian. In this famous allegory, Christian, the man, represents a Christian and his journey to Heaven or as the book calls it, the Celestial City. Christian transverses through many trials along the way, each representing troubles modern day Christians face in our walk with Christ as we travel through this world towards Heaven. Hope is offered in Pilgrim’s Progress for modern day Christians, God always sent Godly companions to accompany Christian through the battles…

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