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  • Analysis Of Henry Moseley's 'Completing The Table With A Bang'

    Why didn't scientists at the University of California at Berkley call element 97 and 98, Universitium and Ofium, respectively? (1 mark) Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley did not call elements 97 and 98 as ‘Universitium’ and ‘Ofium’ because they were worried that New Yorkers might name the next two ‘newium’ and ‘yorkium’, making the phrase “University of New York” rather…

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  • Small: The Atomic Theory

    categorized? All of these questions were analyzed over and over by scientist for hundreds of years, to form what is called the atomic theory. Today the atomic theory states that all matter is comprised of tiny particles called atoms, that atoms of the same element are all identical in mass and properties and cannot be created or destroyed, and that compounds are…

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  • Radon Research Paper

    Radon is a colorless chemically-unreactive inert gas. You cannot see it, smell it or taste it. The atomic radius is 1.34 angstroms and it is the heaviest known gas. Radon is nine times denser than air. Because it is a single atom gas it easily penetrates many common materials like paper, low density plastic, most paints, and building materials like gypsum board, concrete block, wood paneling, and most insulations. Radon was discovered by Ernest Rutherford and Robert B. Owens in 1899.…

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  • Bismuth Research Paper

    Bismuth is the 83rd chemical in the periodic table. It is found as a natural metal on the surface of the earth. Bi has a ground state electronic configuration of [Xe]4f145d106s26p3 and trivalent and pentavalent Bi, Bi(III) and Bi(V), respectively, are the two predominant oxidation states. [27] It was discovered over a thousand years ago but was often confused with tin and lead. It is a prevalent post transition metal, which chemically resembles arsenic or antimony. Bismuth is the most naturally…

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  • Temperature Lab Report

    1 WRITTEN ESSAY Paragraph 1 The FePO4 crystal is examined at various temperatures ranging between 294K and 1073K by neutron powder diffraction. At relatively low temperatures, FePO4 adopts an α-quartz structure, which is tetrahedral. High pressures causes a phase change to a more dense octahedral structure, which is known as β-phase. The transition temperature is 980K. Cutoffs can be observed during the firstorder transition,. For α-phase, the increases in cell parameters…

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  • Case Study: Transition Metal Complexs Of The Macrocyclic

    Results and dissection 3.1 Transition metal complexes of the macrocyclic, H6L Ligand 3.1.1 The macrocyclic, H6L Ligand The physical and analytical data of the macrocyclic, H6L ligand and its transition metal complexes were shown in Table 1. From the investigation, the expected structure of H6L with its possible toutomeric forms can be represented as shown in Figure 1. H6L ligand is highly symmetric under the point group C2v symmetry and can show all the normal modes of vibrations by solving…

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  • Trigonometry Lab Report

    such, it is possible for silicon dioxide to have the same structure when the chemistry is completely different. Since iron is trivalent and phosphorus is pentavalent, an equation of the following can be written to explain the chemical substitution which takes place to maintain the same symmetry: Here, the total charge on each side has a charge of 8+ and…

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  • Carl Friedrich Gauss And The CGS Framework

    The CGS framework retreats to a proposition in 1832 by the German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss to base an arrangement of supreme units on the three essential units of length, mass and time. Gauss picked the units of millimeter, milligram and second The centimetre–gram–second arrangement of units (truncated CGS or cgs) is a variation of the metric framework taking into account the centimeter as the unit of length, the gram as the unit of mass, and the second as the unit of time. All CGS…

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  • Piezo Effect Essay

    The history of piezoelectricity evolution is over 120 years which was discovered by brothers Curie in 1880. They were Pierre Curie (1859-1906) and Jacques Curie (1855-1941). During the study of the generation surface electrical charge by applying pressure on some material, they found out an unusual phenomenon which was a voltage of opposite polarity was generated by pressure was applied on the crystalline minerals such as quartz. The amplitude of the generated voltage was proportional to the…

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  • Comparing The Tempest And The Breath Of Stars

    proximity of Carthage’s production to Shakespeare’s original text. This essay will begin with a detailed description of the College of Lake County’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the goal of evaluating the traditional and nontraditional elements of the show. Subsequently, the similarities and differences between CLC’s the Tempest and Carthage’s the Breathe of Stars will be considered in order to generate…

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