Catoctin Mountain Park

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  • Personal Statement: My Personal Experience In Hunting And Shooting

    Growing up in Thurmont, MD near the Catoctin Mountain National Parks, I was always considered an outdoor kid. My parents got me interested in hunting & fishing and hunting became my true passion since my first hunting experience at the age of 9. I started to trap shoot at the age of 13 and have grown to be a nationally-ranked competitive trap shooter and a shooting ambassador. I have begun to work with my shooting club to understand the working of a sporting clay and trap club, how competitions are organized and the preparation and work needed before, during and after the shoot and how the club runs these events. My competitions have enabled me to travel to several different states to compete. Competing in different states has allowed to me…

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  • Importance Of Polar Expeditions In Shipwreck At The Bottom Of The World By Ernest Shackleton

    “By endurance we conquer.” - Ernest Shackleton. Polar expeditions are some of the most dangerous expeditions out there and are very demanding. Planning the trip, animals, living conditions, food and each crew member struggling to help each other out and keep their sanity are just some of the hurdles in these treacherous expeditions. You might already have a clue about how hard these expeditions are because well, everyone knows how harsh Antarctica is being known as a “frozen desert”, but in this…

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  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up In Vail

    people I shared the chairlift with would tell me how lucky I was, but I would just smile politely and nod, unaware of my fortune. I had grown up in mountains and didn’t know anything different. As I have gotten older and been fortunate enough to have traveled outside of my familiar mountain range, I have realized how intensely beautiful mountains are. Now that I have become so attached to my activities and lifestyle in Vail, I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. The beautiful mountains that…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Beauty Of The Sawtooth Mountains

    thirty mile hike. Right now you probably think I’m crazy for hiking up mountains for thirty miles! But I will never forget the experience of the beauty of the Sawtooth mountains and spending time with my grandpa. Also, I will never forget the massiveness of the three ridges we had to climb up. That was definitely not my favorite part of the hike. The hike started out at a lake called Pedit Lake, then we went to a few other mountain lakes before we got to beautiful Redfish lake, our destination.…

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  • Suicide In Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air

    Dealing with a traumatic experience can be very difficult for one to overcome. Jon Krakauer, a journalist and avid climber, was contracted to write a story for Odyssey magazine about climbing Mount Everest. While coming down from the mountain, the expedition group experienced many incidents which caused all but 2 of the members to die. Krakauer was uneasy about the expedition to begin with, but coming home as 1 of 2 survivors severely affected his life after the accident. In Jon Krakauer’s Into…

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  • The Role Of Commercialism In Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air

    attempt to summit Everest in the disaster of 1996. The Everest guides fight not only to get to the top, but to get popularity for more customers to climb with them. The only way to get people to pay to get up to the top of the world’s highest mountain was to have a good reputation. Rob Hall the guide for Adventure Consultants, Scott Fisher the leader of Mountain Madness, and Ian Woodall are examples of leaders who made commercialism their highest priority. Rob Hall is a very respected guide on…

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  • Ceremony In American Ceremony

    find, the cattle Tayo meet a woman. After meeting the woman, Tayo continued his journey. This time, Tayo went north into the mountains. When Tayo went into the mountains, he found a big section of land that was fenced off. It was on this portion of land that Tayo found the cattle. The land belonged to a Texas rancher and Tayo could not believe that whites were thieves. Tayo had to cut a hole in the fence in order to let the cattle escape. First Tayo had to locate exactly where the cattle were…

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  • Storm Over Everest Film Analysis

    climbing an unpredictable mountain. Director David Breashears emphasis many people have diverse perceptions of the mountain. He states "for over 25 years, I have been making the trip to Everest and have stood on its summit five times". He, himself, was at base camp when this horrendous storm happened and has a different outlook on the mountain. David Breashears takes us through these experiences by providing an excellent film targeting the overall structure, poignant imagery, and by interviewing…

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  • Symbolism In The Teachings Of Diné People

    myths, Dinétah was the original Diné homeland bound by the four sacred mountains in the four cardinal directions: in the east, Mount Blanca (Tsisnaasjini '), the south, Mount Taylor (Tsoodzil), the west, San Francisco Peaks (Doko 'oosliid), and in the North, Mount Hesperus (Dibé Nitsaa). Within the boundaries of Dinétah, there are two inner mountains of equal importance in what is now northern New Mexico, the Gobernador Knob (Dzil Ch 'oolii) and Huerfano Mountain (Dzil Na 'oodilii) (Blake 2001,…

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  • The Terror: The French Revolution

    rred during the radical period of the French Revolution as a response to the conflict between the Girondins and The Mountains. During this time, the Committee of Public Safety executed thousands of internal “enemies of the revolution” (“Report in the Name,” 47). Although many argue otherwise, The Terror was not a perversion of the original ideals of the revolution because the ideals of the revolution were to gain more equality for the people of France, and the punishments that occurred were…

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