Personal Statement: My Personal Experience In Hunting And Shooting

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Growing up in Thurmont, MD near the Catoctin Mountain National Parks, I was always considered an outdoor kid. My parents got me interested in hunting & fishing and hunting became my true passion since my first hunting experience at the age of 9. I started to trap shoot at the age of 13 and have grown to be a nationally-ranked competitive trap shooter and a shooting ambassador. I have begun to work with my shooting club to understand the working of a sporting clay and trap club, how competitions are organized and the preparation and work needed before, during and after the shoot and how the club runs these events. My competitions have enabled me to travel to several different states to compete. Competing in different states has allowed to
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But as my SAE progressed, I became more confident in my shooting and abilities and more knowable about hunting, shooting, and the outdoors and could apply it to my activities and teaching others. The second major change was changing from a participant to an organizer. In the start of my SAE, I only showed up for my shooting competitions, registered, shot my required targets and left. But as my SAE progressed, I became more involved in my shooting club and began to volunteer at shoots. I began with setting up and cleaning up the trap range, then progressed to scoring rounds and loading trap houses, and now I help with registration of shoot participants and I am in charge of maintaining trap house inventory before, during, and after shoots. As I volunteered at more shoots I am now able to play an active role in planning, working, and reviewing a trap shoot while also participating in it. I now really enjoy my new role as a teacher/educator and active planner for our events.

The single greatest challenge I faced during my SAE, was being female in a predominantly male
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When I travel to different shoots, teach classes, and hunt with others I am usually one of the few or only female of the group.

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