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  • Carry On My Wayward Son Analysis

    Carry On My Wayward Son The name the British gave the First World War speaks for itself; the Great War, it sounds like a title to an epic where battle is romanticized. Many men who enlisted expected the war to be great indeed, it would be quick and they would return as heroes. The reason the British men expected a great war was partly due to the fact that Britain had not been involved in a full-scale war since 1871, and ever since the idea of war had become a mythical journey, where boys became…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Pros And Cons

    The American people have established two very distinguishable sides when it comes to guns and gun rights. The first opinion is termed “pro-gun rights”, and the opposing deemed “pro-gun control”. These opinions are so strongly conflicting that there is rarely any middle ground. However, when we evaluate the issue further, guns are seen as a multifaceted issue and not quite as black-and-white. When compared to other countries, America shockingly has the highest rate of gun violence. Simply…

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  • Prop 63 Pros And Cons

    If passed, Proposition 63 would conduct precise background checks on those who purchase ammunition as well as outlaw large-capacity magazines and in order to purchase ammunition and a firearm, a permit is required. The California Democratic Party is supporting proposition 63 heavily. Their main arguments are that the proposition would keep guns and ammunition out of the wrong hands by closing loopholes in existing laws. It would also protect the rights of law-abiding citizens to own guns…

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  • Should Women Carry Guns For Protection?

    Hajer imam Essay 4 Should women carry guns for protection? The worldwide rate of abused and violated women is high. It is globally known that women are easy targets for violence, so we deduce that females need additional protection. Many believe that women should be allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves independently, while others believe in alternative solutions. No can deny that women need protection, yet people argue about the methods. As a female, this decision must made without…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Open Carry Laws

    would allow people with concealed handgun licenses to carry their weapon on public college campuses. This is a good because it would help on self-protection and intimidation. On the other side, people with handgun licenses do not necessarily have proper training and can misuse the weapon. Therefore, this law can have some serious repercussions, and some public support on their rights and privileges as citizens. One of the benefits to open carry…

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  • Why Gun Control Is Not Enough Analysis

    In “Why Gun ‘Control’ Is Not Enough,” McMahan argues that the United States should ban private gun ownership almost entirely. His most crucial claim is that general gun ownership does more damage to the U.S. than it prevents. Therefore, banning private gun ownership would minimize the amount of occasions where a gun could potentially be used for harm. In this paper, I will reject these claims presented by McMahan because the banning of private gun ownership would not inevitably lower crime rates…

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  • Gun Control Dilemma

    All American citizens should care about the ethical nature in the gun control dilemma because they may be personally effected by the solutions that may be offered by the government in the future, or by the current situation in which gun control laws are in a relaxed state. Mark Gius who wrote "Gun Law and Crime” thinks that “mass shootings such as at Columbine and at Sandy Hook school in Connecticut” (Gius 6) should be reason enough to enact gun control laws. Gius went on to explain that between…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Open Carry Handguns

    as it is today. First I will cover the open carry of handguns then that of long guns. Today, thirty-one states allow open carry of handguns without the presence of a permit or license, there are fifteen states that require a permit or license to openly carry handguns, six states completely prohibit the open carry of handguns and eight states have other restrictions on openly carrying handguns. In the same sense there are states that restrict the open carry of long guns, such as rifles and…

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  • Personal Essay: The Things I Carry

    I carry many things on my person at all times of the day. There are things that can be seen and others that can’t be seen. Everything that I carry either has a story or a meaning behind it. The tangible objects that I carry are the ones that have meanings behind them. The intangible ones have stories which give them life and either lift me or burden me. These burdens shape the kind of man I am becoming. The things that you carry help create your character in the game of life. The simple wallet…

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  • Counterpoint: Gun Control Saves Lives: Article Analysis

    Ballaro, Beverly, and Laura Finley. "Counterpoint: Gun Control Saves Lives." Points Of View: Gun Control (2015): 3. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 7 Oct. 2015. Ballaro, Beverly and Finley, Laura points out the main theme of this article as “Gun control regulation is the best tool we have in the fight to reduce gun violence in the United States.” Both agree that the United States has one of the highest rates of gun-related violence in the developed world. Gun control has remained the…

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