The Things We Carry?

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The things we carry
In interview 1 with my grandmother I found out somethings my family carried that I didn’t know mainly because I never sat down and asked questions about my heritage. I figured only people on TV or rich families or people who moved to Africa had a lot to offer about a heritage. When in fact every family has a heritage that dates back. My grandmother informed me that in her early years around her mid-twenties she had graduated college and become a nurse becoming the first female in our family to ever go to college and finish school. Not only did she finish school she graduated top twenty five students out of three hundred students. By my grandmother going to school and graduating she set a high standard for the women in our family. We carry a strong will in our family that in everything we do we want to be the best at it no matter how big or small the task is. It’s in our blood line to be a competitor in all that we do. This dates back to my great grandparents who would just not take no for an answer. I mean back during their time they did all they could to provide for seven kids when there was only two bedrooms. Although there was two bedrooms in the house they still had to manage to carry for their kids. They weren’t rich either but they did what they could to make sure their children and grandchildren had the same opportunities as other kids growing up. During my interview with my grandmother she informed me that growing up that her and my great uncles

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