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  • Writer's Statement Maks Z Analysis

    Writer's Statement Maks Z For one of my text production tasks I chose to write a descriptive piece inspired by a 3 km time trial for field umpiring. My target was 13.30 which was the required time to umpire division 1 football. The purpose of the text was to capture my thoughts and feelings going into this event. I portrayed this by using a wide variety of language techniques, to express my experiences and emotions in the…

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  • Summary Of A Relations Or Rather A True Account Of The Island Of England

    The cultural differences from one country to another can be shocking, especially when you lived in a century that didn’t have the technology to that provide you with the inform you about the customs other countries in the world. Perhaps that’s why the author“ Relations or Rather a True Account of the Island of England” was very shocked with the differences in the english culture. “A relation or rather a True Account of the Island of England” is a report giving an overview of England by a…

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  • The Negatives Of Competitive Sports?

    Loud cheers and shouts make your ears ring as you sprint through the field as fast as a cheetah. The brown leather ball suddenly feels as heavy as a boulder in your hands as you try to avoid getting tackled. Huff! Huff! Your breath is heavy, and the sun’s light bores down onto your back. Beads of sweat fall down your face, not just because of the running, but the amount of stress on your shoulders. You are almost there, and you can feel the victory, but then a load of weight slams into your side…

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  • Analysis Of Fred Wah's Diamond Grill

    Grill, Wah himself experiences segregation both during his time in school and as an adult. Stanley’s literary work “Contesting White Supremacy: School Segregation, Anti-Racism, and the Making of Chinese Canadians,” provides an essential context that explains the different fashions in which Chinese-Canadian students are treated by their fellow students and teachers. Stanley references a specific event during the July of 1922, which involved a pair of high school teachers who informed a group of…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Trip To The Football Field

    This place means a lot to me, because I been there most of my life. I spent a lot of my life there for practice, games, and other things the held there. This place was like home to me. It was very special to me because I was the best student academically, but I always knew I was one of the best or the best every time I went to the field. That why I think it meant so much to me. My favorite place is my high school football field and track. I remember going to the field after school and being…

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  • Peacekeeping Issues In Canada

    only offering a permanent home to a mere 1% of the total number of new refugees forced to flee their countries in 2014 (Canadian Counsel for Refugees, 2015).…

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  • Cornerback Disadvantages

    Tyus woods Mrs. Spell English 101 October 13 , 2017 Being an expert at Corner Back I have been playing cornerback since the day I started playing football, so that’s 13 years. Football is a mental game, like chess. There are pieces that do their part and then there are pieces that impose their will on the board. The basic of being an expert at corner is first backpedaling. Backpedaling is the most useful technique cornerbacks use to cover receivers. You want to use backpedaling to keep…

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  • Super Bowl Paragraph

    Have you ever been to a super bowl party or seen the seen the super bowl? In this story I will tell the time when I was in a football championship game. Well it might not be the super bowl, but we worked hard like it was. Read my story to find out if we win, at night, on turf, at Dalzell Field. The whole season only one team went undefeated, the Colts. I played on the colts with a lot of my friends. My coach told us that the practice will be harder than games, and they were by a lot. We had to…

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  • Summary: Is Football Too Dangerous For Teens

    Is football just too dangerous for teens? Well no not really because everyone is different therefore not everyone gets hurt as easy as others. But it can be very dangerous for teens with multiple head injuries. This is how the game of football is played. The football field is 120 yards long and 53 ⅓ yards wide. There is 4 attempts to score and 4 attempts you get a turnover. Which the other team gets the ball then they get 4 attempts to score and when you score a touchdown you get 6 points.…

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  • Walter Camp's Influence On The Evolution Of Football

    Have you ever wondered how the sport football began? In 1869 the sport rugby was popular in colleges around the world. People would play the sport rugby and they played it a lot. But in the sport of rugby the people would get hurt because they played with no pads on the players. In 1880, a rugby player from Yale University, named Walter Camp changed the rules of rugby and transformed it into American football. Walter camp is known as “the father of football”, he was apart of the group called…

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