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  • Safe Space Definition

    been contradictory opinions about safe spaces. On the one hand, safe spaces are necessary as they encourage discussion, physical safety, and group solidarity. On the contrary, safe spaces limit student exposure and can cause discrimination between the majority and minority figures, which causes safe spaces to have a negative reputation directed towards them. They engage in many definitions, my definition of a ‘safe space’ is any physical and or non- physical space where groups of the students…

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  • Knowledge Is The Key To Knowledge Essay

    We are constructors of our own knowledge as well as knowing what we know and what we do not know about the universe. Knowledge can be viewed and defined in many depending on the person, culture, religion, and lifestyle. Whether people like Sagan or Hawking may dispute their point of views of the universe, they also pertain to have similarities about it as well. Our own beliefs of what knowledge represents to society as well as individually to us can often be subject to outside influence. The…

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  • Henri Bibfebvre's Theory Of The Social Production Of Space

    up with the image promoted by Tulane admissions. In class we discussed Henri Lefebvre’s theory of the social production of space and I originally interpreted the concepts of social practice and representational space was extremely static. Initially I thought of institutions/people in power creating both the representations of space and the representational space as the space was created and civilians only really having an influence in the social practice however, while interviewing people, I…

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  • Suffering Reflection

    grow into be six retreats offered to church planters next year. Abide is spaced created for church planters to reconnect their hearts with the heart of God through meditation on scripture and prayer. I provided them with a prayer prompt and the space necessary for them to listen to what God may desire to speak to them. Afterwards, we come together to allow them to listen to one another share what their experience was like and what they…

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  • Dualist Theory Of Mental Space

    The notion of “mental space” that Kim discusses is indeed puzzling, and the plausibility of its existence questionable. It is difficult to imagine what “location” could refer to in this space. Perhaps locations would be particular qualitative states and, on this view, perhaps minds could be distinguished from one another by appeal to the state that they possess at a given time. However, if “mental space” includes a fundamentally temporal component, as Kim believes it would have to, it follows…

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  • Halbwachs Collective Memory Analysis

    Preface: Historical preservation has been mostly understood by the means of preserving the physical artifact. However, in an urban context, what makes artifacts’ character “distinctive” and “definitive” is not only their physicality but also their memory. To this end, Also Rossi’s argues for “the soul of the city” as the city’s history, its memory. Although we all travel backward in time through memory, history and memory should be distinguished totally from each other, the former belongs to a…

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  • Dynamic Nature Essay

    Let it first be assumed that the existence of the universe, as a complete entity, is absolute and static, for no permanent description can be made about its nature if said nature were dynamic, and even so its dynamic nature in itself would be a constant, making any other assumption im-possible in the first place. The notion that the state of the universe is variable depending on the perceiving it must also be rejected for the purposes of this paper, as, similarly to the aforemen-tioned…

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  • Importance Of Materiality In Japanese Materialism

    exterior • How this transition of two spaces is achieved by the human senses? (Visual marking of spaces – inside/outside) • How the building does merges with the surrounding environment? What textures are created from this? (Example: Todaiji Temple – exterior penetrating into the interior, Horiuchi House – Life pass through the outside and vice versa) CHAPTER 3 : Embracing aesthetics of the space • How materiality can transform positively or negatively a space? • How building materials blend…

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  • Crows And Sparrows Film Analysis

    Therefore, it is important to choose specific scenes which are the best representations of how the main characters live. In Crows and Sparrows, the Chinese New Year scene is the most accurate representation of how Kong and the tenants live in a physical space. If we are to understand this film’s consideration of the home, then we must look at the most honest portrayal of Kong, which would logically occur in a state of personal freedom, since oppression constrains the character’s perception of…

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  • Elizabeth Bishop: Poem Analysis

    Perspective for Bishop is the key to seeing which helps the reader understand the shifting perspectives within the poem. Throughout the poem, “Paris, 7a.m.,” Bishop explores the themes of travel and home within geography and time to find one’s place within space and time. In the first stanza, the speaker walks around the apartment looking at all the clocks. The speaker understands time through different points of view such as The troubled observer, “I,” wanders the isolated inside of the…

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