Advantages Of Integrated Ballistics Identification System

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Register to read the introduction… One is the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS). As stated by the National Police Commission (NPC), IBIS is a system wherein all evidences gathered such as bullets, in the actual scenes of firearm-related cases are encoded and recorded in a database. This system is intended for cross-matching of guns; and, for easier future references especially during investigation and court trials as it has a capability to store, compare, and recall even millions of data entries in the database. According to the PNP, nine (9) shooting incidents in Eastern Metro Manila were immediately solved with the aid of IBIS. While, the other is the Computerized Composite Illustration System (CCIS) or known as Facefit technology that was introduced by the Australian Federal Police. It contains 700 facial images, thus, it provides a faster and more accurate facial profile of a suspect compared to the old-fashioned cartographic sketch. To date, more than one hundred (100) police officers were already trained by the Australian Federal Police on the proper use of Facefit technology. In brief, Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) and Facefit technology are both beneficial for the operations of the policemen and to the campaign for speedy disposition or resolutions to cases. However, these two systems of PNP are both very expensive. It could be more efficient and practical if the government will use systems that are not very expensive but a very operational one. One good example is the iSketch system that was developed by some students of Saint Louis University. Compared to the Facefit technology of policemen, iSketch system contains more facial images, easier to use, and accessible via internet. Hence, the researcher suggests that the …show more content…
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