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  • Surviving The Tsunami Summary

    In the story “Surviving the Tsunami” it explains how the Tsunami changed many lives. This story tells of a school fighting to survive the disaster. It also tells about how three teenagers survived and saved. This story also tells about the teenagers future and how the city will educate children about tsunamis and other natural disasters. The article tells how it changed many lives and that the natural disaster took many lives as well. The effects the tsunami had on many people was that many…

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  • The Embassy Of Cambodia By Zadie Smith

    even something as simple as riding a bike. However, in “The Embassy of Cambodia,” Zadie Smith shows readers the real meaning of struggle through the main character, an unpaid housemaid by the name of Fatou. There are many protruding themes in the story, but the most prevalent moral of the story is no matter how many times the big guy may knock one down, they must always get up, and never let him win. In “The Embassy of Cambodia,” the game badminton and the Embassy itself are metaphors for Fatou…

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  • Labor Law In Cambodia Essay

    employee’s right at work, through the contract for work. Every country in the world, in some ways, possesses labor law and the Kingdom of Cambodia is not an exception. The Cambodia Labor Law is divided into nineteen chapters and three hundred and ninety-six articles which clearly states the intent of the law. However, in the focus of this paper, Minimum Wage of the Cambodia…

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  • Environmental Problems In Cambodia Essay

    especially in Cambodia, where it is only getting worse everyday. The environment crisis is considered as a top priority issue in this country due to the challenges the country needed to overcome in trying to mitigate the impact it has on its citizens. The three major problems that Cambodia has been facing nowadays are deforestation, lack of waste management and air pollution. Firstly, the main problem that causes environmental crisis is associated with deforestation because Cambodia has been…

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  • Ro-Cambodia Case Study

    Kingdom of Cambodia, one of the countries that suffered from experience of colonialism, has strengthened the international relation with one of the superpowers known as the People’s Republic of China. Thus, analyzing about the politics, economics, and security between both countries is the significant implication of Sino-Cambodia relation. 2. Research Questions This paper aims to explain the aspects behind the…

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  • Social Culture In Cambodia Essay

    Social Cambodia has a population of 15.458.332. 47,9 % of the population is 24 or younger. In the table below you can see a population pyramid. As you can see there are a lot of young people. The life expectancy at birth is 63,78 years. For females it is 66,32 and for males it is 61,35 years. So on average females get older then males in Cambodia. The average school life expectancy is 11 years and the percentage of child labor is 39% (based om 2008 and 2001 information) 90% of the ethnic…

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  • Pol Pot Genocide In Cambodia

    Genocide was considered in the despotic characteristics group. Cambodian Genocide caused many events to happen to make the people in Cambodia have fear with them no matter where one would travel to. The leader, Pol Pot had a goal to purify the city and make it a communist society. Pol Pot used a variety of strategies to achieve his goal. Pol Pot decided that he wanted Cambodia to start over. What that meant to Pol Pot was to make everything alike and to go his way. Pol Pot banned foreign…

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  • Education In Cambodia Case Study

    The major issues I see in the educational system in Cambodia Town is insufficient resources; personnel, financial, academic, and extra-curricular. It is quite obvious that they are a minority group, which explains the neglect and unequal attention they are getting from the government. It seemed like they lacked the needed teachers (quantity and quality wise), who not only have the expertise, but the passion, patience, and understanding to teach and mentor the kids. For every country on Earth,…

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  • Traffic Accident In Cambodia Essay

    000 people annually in the world, or at least one person for every 30 seconds” said Mr. Kong Sovann, representative of Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP). Traffic accident is known as the most common problem in Cambodia which results in a serious injury or death. In Cambodia, there are at least 5 people die from traffic accident or 15 people suffer from a serious injury per day. In order to prevent traffic accident, people should learn and understand the cause and the effect it can…

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  • True Cambodia Case Study

    there was no possible way for Cambodians to communicate the horrors that were taking place as the entire population was being used as a sort of slave labor, the Khmer Rouge ideology had prevailed throughout Cambodia and it was time to ethnically cleanse the country and reestablish the “True Cambodia” of old, for the Khmer Rouge this meant the total abolishment of any “Western Influence” which meant policies and social. Some argue that the specific group that was targeted during Pol Pot’s reign…

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