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For the past ten years Ecuador was ruled by Rafael Correa who constantly was taking away the rights of his citizens. He denied his constituents free speech and attacked those who spoke out against him. He also limited health care and had terrible prison conditions. Even though Correa treated his people poorly he was still very much loved. Before he stepped down as president in May of 2017 he was still popular with a 50% approval rating (https://tinyurl.com/y9txapoe). Correa decided to step down because people were finally starting to get upset after there were accusations of corruption in high levels of the government. It is unknown what the president's plans are, but the future doesn’t look much different.

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Those who are brave enough to protest are beaten up and occasionally arrested with no punishment for those who attack the protestors. An example of this would be in 2012 when 12 student protesters were arrested for allegedly participation of violent acts. This crime would land these twelve students in jail for up to 6 years. When they went to trial there was no evidence at all that suggested that they were aggressive so they were sent free. Later that week Correa announced his displeasure of the ruling on his weekly TV appearance. After Correa spoke, the case was reopened by a new prosecutor. He found all 12 students to be found guilty and sentenced them to 21 days in prison. Clearly these people had done nothing wrong as no evidence was brought forward, but Correa wanted them arrested, so they were arrested.This is violation of Article 9 as well as Article 20 of the UN Declaration of Human Rights. It is a violation of Article 9 because they were arrested for no reason with no proof. It’s also breaking Article 20 because they were not allowed to peacefully assemble. Correa is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain

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