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  • George Orwell 1984 Essay

    History has a tendency of repeating itself. Citizens of a country should become aware of what may happen to society if the wrong history were to repeat. Many works of literature work towards progressing society and making the human life a better place, George Orwell attempted just that. Orwell’s 1984 is a satire on totalitarian governments of the East in order to warn the West of its consequences. 1984 is a novel set in a dystopian society, well, dystopian only to non-socialist nations.…

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  • Prisoner's Dilemmas

    I argue that the creation of political parties in the United States Congress both addresses and enhances the collective action issues known as the prisoner’s dilemma, agency loss, and the tragedy of the commons, due to their constant clashes of ideological ambitions. The formation of Congress was most likely the first act of collective action before the official constitution was drafted. Two opposing sides, one the heavily populated states argued for a legislative body based on population. And…

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  • From Adolf Hitler's Contribution To The Holocaust

    The Search I went to the library to find information on my topic. I first found a book that answered my questions. The book was called Understanding the Holocaust. I looked at the chapter on Adolf Hitler. It brought me to a timeline of his life and how he contributed to the holocaust. It also told me how he gained so much popularity in Germany. The book was a good source because…

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  • Bernie Sanders Comparison Essay

    the United States of America, members of the Democratic party have become split between the two running candidates. On one side lies pragmaticism heralded by candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton is very much the establishment candidate in the race, favoring compromise with the opposing party to create slow, non-risky change. On the other hand, however, is Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist who believes that the democratic party needs to fight for change and draw the line in the…

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  • Populism In The Gilded Age Essay

    liberal movement? Focus of Editing: Passive tense and Word Choice In the Gilded Age, as in any American political era, two polar views of the government 's role and power existed, conservatives and liberals. During the Gilded age, conservatives, then called classical liberals, held a political ideology that values the freedom of individuals, including the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and markets, as well as limited government. This ideology ran rampant in the Gilded age, as…

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  • Political Party Activism

    While individuals from in each political party hold polarizing opinions, the most polarizing individuals in each party would be party activists. What is a party activist? In a Political Behavior article, Edward Carmine and James Woods write, “political activists are a heterogenous group and include delegates to the nominating conventions, those citizens heavily involved in campaign activities, major financial contributors to political parties,” (364). Activism is action taken for a cause that…

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  • The Final Solution: The Mass Killing Of The Holocaust

    Chapter 1: What is the historical event about? The Final Solution: The mass killing of The Holocaust 1.1 Concept of Superiority and Anti-Semitism After the World War I, Adolf Hitler who was the leader of a political organization called Nazis, became the dictator of Germany in January 1933. During his rise to power, he successfully convinced the people to believe that Germans with fair skin tone, blond hair and blue eyes were the superior form of human which was also known as the master race of…

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  • The National Socialist Party: The Rise Of Nazi Germany

    One of the great questions of history is: How was the Nazi party allowed to come to power? It is important to note that the National Socialists did not win power through a coup or by forcibly taking over but in fact were democratically elected into power by the German people. This means that normal people allowed one of the most evil regimes in history to take total control over their entire lives. It makes one have to ask: How did the Nazis convince the German people to accept them and their…

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  • How Did The Nazi Empires Come To Power

    Treaty of Versailles. Meanwhile, the National Socialist German Workers ' Party, or Nazi party was growing, focusing on issues such as, “the union of all Germans within a greater Germany, repeal of the Treaties of Versailles and St.Germain, establishment of colonies for Germany’s surplus population, exclusion of Jews from citizenship”. The party had fallen under control of a man named Adolf Hitler and in November of 1923, the party attempted a coup d 'état and failed. Hitler was sentenced to…

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  • Report: Abortion In Texas

    the twenty six clinics is called HB2”. According to Section 245 of the Texas Health and Safety Code facilities are required to undergo major reconstruction and meet much higher standards that will cost a lot of money; these policies have resulted in the closure of majority of the Texas clinics because they are not considered Ambulatory Surgical Centers (What is HB2?). According to research from the American Journal of Public Health the average distance that…

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